How To Get Out Of Your Mind & Into Your Body!

loveLast week I wrote about turning fear in to an adventure, more specifically a LOVE ADVENTURE! So I got thinking, what fills me with joy? What do I want more of in my life?

One of the things on my love list is writing so I have decided to write my blogs just a little bit more often. That is what is so great when you are creating your life, you can choose to do the things that make you smile as often as you like!

What would you like to do more of? I’d love to hear.

Life is all about choice, the decisions you make now create what is next for you. It’s sounds pretty obvious doesn’t it but how often have you made choices with out thinking that have made you feel bad?

Over the past year I have really learnt to connect with my body and pay attention to it more. Every so often I get phases when I am a bit head in the clouds, totally caught up with the constant chattering of my mind…..yawn, be quiet PLEASE! This is when I know it’s time to ground myself, when my energy is too much in my head and I simply am not feeling my body much at all.

I experienced this towards the end of last week, I think mainly because of the full moon. No I am not bonkers, the full moon really does have an affect on us, especially for water signs like me! If you think about it, the full moon affects the tides and we are made of about 60% water. Police stations and accident and emergency units have reported their are more  incidents on the night of a full moon. It can make us more sensitive, emotional and erratic.

Ways I have learned to get out of my mind and back into my body again are through;

  • Dancing barefoot connecting to the music with your whole body (I recommend something like 5 Rhythms, Trance Dance, Biodanza or Dancitation)
  • Walking on the beach/ ground outside
  • Walking barefoot and really paying attention to the feeling of the floor touching my feet
  • Yoga, especially standing and balancing asana’s
  • Meditation focusing on my heart beating

Continuing on the love adventure I have been watching videos of Anita Moorjani, she is fascinating to listen to! She was literally dying from cancer, had a near death experience where she discovered the cause of her illness and was given the choice by her father (who was already dead) whether she wanted to go back to live her life or not. She gained an amazing insight into how she had been living her life in fear, how we are all connected in the spirit world and how at our core we are completely unconditional love.

If you’re interested in seeing the interviews I found, here they are:

Lessons From A Near-Death Experience: Anita Moorjani

Part 2

Anita Moorjani has written a book called Dying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing…this it might be one to read with my Inspirational Book Club!


Namaste xx


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