A Month of Being Giving is Coming to an End, What is Next?!

After a week of being disconnected it’s nice to be back on line! I had a funny experience on the Monday where I left my phone at home and went off out to meet a friend, I ended up waiting around for a couple of hours as she didn’t show only to come home to messages from her checking what time we were due to meet. Just goes to show how sometimes phones are necessary! However aside from that it was very calming not to be checking emails/Facebook/ Twitter constantly and I am definitely going to cut down the time I spend doing that. It can be such a time waster and make your mind go a little scatty.

It’s great to have had a break from it as now I am really enjoying writing again. I feel fresh and energised to get down to work!

In terms of my intention of being giving this week I have noticed ways of being able to be giving without actually having to spend any extra money. Lots of companies now will donate a percentage of the price you pay for their good to a charity. For example Pret a Manger have a Christmas range of sandwiches out and they will donate some money to help the homeless when you buy one.

I have really been enjoying cooking for people more. It’s such a great feeling sharing food with people. I’m loving soup at the moment and my friend has recently bought the New Covent Garden Soup book, there is a soup recipe for every day of the year! It’s brilliant. I made a delicious root vegetable and red lentil one the other day for us all. I’ve just offered to made desert for a New Year’s Eve party so need to come up with a few winners for that night, any suggestions will be gratefully accepted!

So my month of being giving is coming to an end, it has flown by! I can’t believe it is Christmas in a few week. It’s been great to consciously put others before me and help out where I can. My intention for December is being honest, I am not too sure really what to expect from that as I see myself as an honest person anyway. However I guess sometimes I don’t always say what is going on in my head, I do have a habit of keeping some things to myself  and I don’t always share my feelings, especially if someone has upset me. So we will see what happens, could be interesting…..


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