You Can Heal Yourself

This morning I continued my journey of self healing with a brilliant EFT and Matrix practitioner Amy Branton. Emotional Freedom Technique involves tapping on the meridian points that are used for acupuncture to free energy blocks to help you move forward. In a matrix session you use tapping to go back and heal past traumas which have created negative beliefs, behaviours and patterns in your life today.

My intention for the session was to heal my allergy to furry animals, especially cats. Since my healing session with the Slovenian couple in October I have not taken my asthma inhalers apart from a couple of times when I went to visit my cat Fluff. So this is the last step to cure my asthma for good.

The session was naturally emotional. I just got back from a very tearful walk along the sea front after coming across a notice board full of photos of rescue cats looking for homes. This is all good though it means I am releasing. Amy led me back to when I was having asthma attacks as a child and guided me through tapping on my younger self to release the beliefs I created back then. That I asthma was a part of who I am and a strong sense of feeling sorry for myself that I was separate from everyone else.

We haven’t got yet to the root cause of my asthma and allergy but we will. I have no memory of how it all started when I was just a baby but my unconscious mind will allow it to show itself when I am ready. It’s amazing how it does that, all of a sudden things show up. It’s like when you are trying so hard to remember something then a few hours later once you have forgotten about it suddenly appears in your mind!

I am feeling so confident about this that I have just emailed to see if I can volunteer in the local cats home that had posted those photos along the beach front! I know I probably sound like a bonkers cat lady but I just miss having a cat in my life daily.

In addition to EFT I have also been going to see a chiropractor about a shoulder injury I have had for a while. She just so happens to also believe that people can cure their asthma and has given me lots of health tips to help the symptoms. As asthma is all about inflammation she has said the following will help with this and my painful shoulders:

  • Taking Omega 3 Fish Oil
  • Balancing my blood sugar (which I do already)
  • Cutting out dairy (again, which I do)
  • Cutting out tomatoes, potatoes and aubergines
Going to see a chiropractor was something I had been putting off for ages, it’s amazing how you just learn to live with tightness in muscles and pain. Aside from the obvious spinal manipulation she has really loosened the knots using pressure, needles and a vibrating massage machine! Having this problem with my shoulders has really made me realise how much I tense them when I feel any level of stress or coldness. It’s a natural bodily reaction but becoming aware of this you can then tell your body to relax them, which I so regularly do when I am teaching a yoga class.

I am really learning that you do not have to put up with an illness, it is possible to heal yourself. When I was in India I set the intention that I am medication free and I am now. My whole life I have been taking inhalers and antihistamine, now I am simply taking health supplements, it’s amazing! If I had listened to the doctors I would not be saying this though, when I went to see one in September about coming off my inhaler I was told I should just carry on taking it.

Brighton is still brilliant, I am loving living here so much. This was confirmed to me recently when I was asked if I would go to Saudi Arabia for 3 months to teach yoga. Initially I was excited but then I realised 3 months away from setting my life and business up here is just too long. A month would be fantastic, and that may still happen, but I had to say three months was too long. After years of thinking about where to go next it feels wonderful to know where I am at right now is exactly where I am meant to be.

That does not stop me from missing India though, especially now the weather has dropped. However I have come up with a plan! I have thought about all that I loved about it and I am creating an Indian experience here in Brighton. I am getting up before sunrise each day to do my pranayama (yogic breathing) practice, something of which has slipped a little since I was there, I am drinking chai, making curries, continuing to deepen my yoga practice and reading inspirational books. Yes I might not be in the heat with all the great people I met out there but I am continuing everything else I loved doing out there.

After all I have achieved this year I am so ready and itching to help others achieve their dreams. Look out for some special offers for coaching with me in January and a Journey of Intention e-course! 3 months of inspirational coaching emails to help you experience your own Journey of Intention, it’s going to be great.

Namaste xx

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