Being Healthy…….in India, well trying!

My intention of “being healthy” has not started off so well! Just a couple of nights ago I had another near miss with eating peanuts, it really is a potential death trap out here! After going on a fabulous camel ride into the desert I went to a lovely restaurant for my last night in Pushkar along with the German girl I had just met. I ordered a standard mixed vegetable curry which I eat a lot out here and scoffed it all down. Only to then start to feel my mouth and throat start to swell, as if I had eaten nuts….

I soon learnt that there had been crushed peanuts in the sauce and I was reprimanded for not checking if there were any in there or not. I eat mixed veg curries over here all the time as they are usually safe. So for the first time in my life I used my adrenaline injection, usually milk calms it down but this time it wasn’t. My new German friend, Anni, and I sat and stared at the injection wondering how to use it and very courageously Anni stabbed it into my thigh!

To say I was scared is an understatement, each time I eat a peanut I really think this could be it. I still managed to say calm though, prayed and just kept saying to myself ‘I am ok”. The hotel called a doctor out for me and after chatting to me about what work I do in UK (?!) he gave me a prescription for some tablets to take for the next 7 days. I don’t know what they are but hopefully they are doing me some good!

I am ok now, I feel exhausted and run down but I also think that could be from the intense heat that it is here now and the craziness of a big city, Jaipur. It’s at least 40 degrees, in the afternoon everyone just stays in the shade, sips cool lemon mint juice and reads. It’s nice but I am looking forward to flying up North in the morning to slightly fresher weather. It’s hard to summon any energy up here in this heat.

I have been thinking a lot about being healthy out here in India, it’s such an amazing place but also so so dirty! My feet are permanently filthy, I am sure I am going to have to have some kind of foot scrape when I get home! I am actually quite concerned as well that I am going to be stinking of curry for weeks after I get back, I did a yoga class in doors in Udaipur and all I could smell was curry! …..but going home is months away so let’s not think about that just yet. 🙂

After beautiful Udaipur, I travelled to a small town called Bundi. There were more monkeys running around there than tourists, it was fascinating if not a little scary as the red faced monkeys there can be very aggressive. In the gorgeous Haveli (traditional house) I was staying in I met an Italian man who had been staying there recuperating after having worms and a skin infection! This was shortly after he gor Guardia in Nepal. He clearly is not having a very good run of it in India and was looking for flights to Thailand to get out. People get all kind of illnesses out here and this strengthens my need for my intention even more! Each day I am having fresh juices, I take spirulina every morning which gives me all the protien I need as I am eating a vegetarian diet whilst here.

Speaking to eating only vegetables, I am loving it. I am not missing meat at all. Well ok every now and then I think about a cheese burger, but then I go stroke a passing Holy Cow and think I can do with out! I am not saying I will be 100% vegetarian when I get back to UK as I find when I say something like that it makes me want what is banned even more, however I am definitely going to mostly cut it out of my diet.

In the ashram I stayed in they taught us about their views on being veggie, one if which is that eating meat is putting negative energy into the body. The animal as been killed and then to add that into your system is to add negativity. I love animals, even more so since being out here. They are every where, animals and humans all live together…..probably doesn’t help with the level of germs but still you are constantly surrounded by animals here. Cows are so gorgeous, I have even been able to stroke them and now the thought of eating such peaceful creatures seems cruel.

My yoga course starts on Tuesday, I can’t wait! It’s going to be great to have a little home for just over a month and to see Vicky again, as she is doing the course with me. It will be fantastic to be learning more about yoga and practising 4 hours a day. I am not going to drink any alcohol whilst on the course and will be eating veggie diet so I look forward to feeling full of vitality at the end of it, hopefully!

Following are a few snaps of places I have been over the past week! It’s certainly been a whirlwind tour of Rajasthan but I have loved every second of it.



Lake nr Udaipur




A Holy Cow in Pushkar!


Amber Fort, Jaipur










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