Hot in Holi Hampi


I am writing this after seeking refuge from where I am staying in the very surreal but amazing place called Hampi. I fled from my “guest house” just after 7am as I suspected things could be getting a little bit messy and smelly there around about now….. The reason for this is yesterday the water stopped, we discovered this after returning from a 10 hour day out exploring the ruins in the extremely hot sun. As you can imagine a cold shower was high on my agenda!

To add to this I had stumbled into having some impromptu crystal healing where I was

Tipee Guesthouse, where I am staying

told I had to much heat in my body and my mind was too active. I was advised to go home, take a cold shower, lie down and not speak to anybody. So off I wandered (you can’t move quicker than a wander), feeling very floaty, back to discover no power or water so my plans to just chill out were scuppered! I attempted to watch the sunset by a temple on top of a huge rock behind where I am staying, I figured that would be a nice peaceful thing to do. However, the rock was also full of the 20 something pot heads that are also staying where I am and one guy was serenading us with his guitar. Which would have been nice if he hadn’t have been just making up silly songs about the little children selling chai around us, it was funny for about 2 seconds after which he went on about it just a little bit too long!

Mind still hot and busy I climbed down the rock into near darkness, luckily the moon is almost full so it lit up the nights sky. Still no power or water I ventured to a nearby restaurant, and settled down to watch the film Black Swam, which was great. Finally I felt a little calmer and cooler. This didn’t last for long, as returning to bed there was still no power to make the fan go around and the sound of bongo’s from the potheads lasted well into the early hours!

I awoke at 6 am this morning to a giant gecko on my wall, cute, and a tarantula, not so cute. I got up to lay in a hammock and read my book only to discover it smelt of damp dreadlocks, arrrghhh! With the toilets getting blocked with no water to flush down them I figured the safest thing to do was escape before it gets any worse! I found a nice restaurants with cushions to lie down on overlooking paddy fields, sip ginger lemon honey tea and finally I feel relaxed!

So here I am writing this and very much hoping that by the time I go back there will be running water to take a shower and flush the toilets. 🙂

Aside from my slightly crazy guest house, which would be fine if you have just left uni and want to get stoned, Hampi is amazing!!! It looks like giants were here many years ago playing with boulders. Miles and miles of giant boulders broken up by paddy fields, water, and 500 temples.

It’s kind of hard to explain so have added a few photos!

My month of courage ended with a close shave with a monkey at the Monkey Temple, of all places. I was walking up the 562 steps in mid day heat with my new friend Maria. We stopped half way to catch our breath and take a few photos of the view, as you do. I mistakenly put my bag on the floor to pose for a shot. To my dismay when I turned around a large monkey had sat right down beside it and was about to go through it to see what he could find. It had all my money, passport, ipod etc in it so naturally I panicked a little. I went to go take the bag away and he hissed at me, looking like he was going to jump on me in attack! I stepped back and he went back to search through my bag, i tried again and he got even more cross so I ran around the corner.

Brave Maria went to throw her camera case at him as he was about to pull out my sunglasses and he went for her as well. Luckily some Indian men were coming down the steps and helped us! It was frightening though!!! I really thought that the monkey was going to jump on my shoulders and bite me! I had to summon all of my courage to walk back down again as I suspected the monkey may remember us and be planning his attack. All was ok though in the end.

My intention for March is TRUST. This is going to be interesting in India as I am learning you really can’t trust many people here, they are all after your money. I have been thinking about the different aspects of trust:

1) Trusting myself to know what is best for me.

2) Trusting other people – I sometimes find this hard.

3) Trusting that the universe/ God will give me exactly what I need.

4) Just being in the moment and trusting what ever happens is exactly as it is meant to be.

I am looking forward to discovering what opens up!

I am now off to brave the guest house and hope the water is on!




The elephant stable in the Royal Palace ruins


The temple elephant taking a bath in the morning



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