I am looking for love stories!


In my last post I mentioned I am going to start writing a book, it’s going to be a collection of inspirational love stories based on true romances. So this week I have been busy sharing this with people in hope of finding out some cracking true stories to write about. I have found 8/9 so far, I am aiming for 12. It’s such a lovely discussion to have with people, hearing about happy endings instead of sad ones which are often spoken about more. I am a sucker for a good romance so am looking forward getting stuck in and writing about all the great stories I have heard this week.

It is daunting though…..I am not sure where to begin with it or what angle to write the stories from! I am going to take a lesson from my art this week and just do it. It’s best to just get started and see where it goes rather than thinking too much I feel! I am sure it will be edited a few times, ha ha!

I have been on the hunt for some interesting photos, here are a few I snapped this week:

Finally I am taking myself off on an “artist’s date” tomorrow to the Tate Modern, so hopefully I will come back with some new fun photos and inspiration for my art next week.

I loving it so far!!

If you have an inspiring…..or just plain romantic……love story please let me know! Names will be changed to protect the innocent.


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