From India to Ibiza

If there could be the most two contrasting holidays I have just been on them; I have gone from sending candle lit prayers down the River Ganges to dancing in my bikini, sangria in hand, at beach bar Bora Bora, Ibiza. My friend Clem certainly knows how to celebrate being 30 in style!

However to borrow a phrase from my beloved India, the experience was kind of same same but different. In India I was deepening my spirituality, opening my heart, connecting with my soul and learning to listen more to my body. Well being around people you love, who lift your spirits,  dancing with abandon and having pure unadulterated fun all does exactly that as well. A spiritual experience does not have to be serious! In fact it is possible to try too hard when all you really need is to lighten up a little and be totally in the moment, in awe of everything that surrounds you.

It reminds me of something I read in a Paulo Coelho book, The Witch of Portobello, which tells the tale of a lady who connects with her soul through dance. She starts off these dance groups where they all simply let go and dance freely before going to work in the morning. It discusses how when you get totally lost in music, when you are not aware of anything else going on around you that is when you really have connected with your soul. I really relate to this and Ibiza is the perfect place to experience it ­čÖé

Aside from all the dancing and prancing I had some fantastic conversations, enjoyed a beautiful moment swimming with fishes whilst a song about heaven being a place on earth was drifting across the beach and met some lovely new people.

Now I am back down to earth preparing for the next adventure, Brighton. I am going there this week to start working out where I might live and investigating business opportunities. All very exciting……

When I get back I am going to start turning my year’s journey of intention into a book. It seems like a┬ámammoth┬átask ahead but if I just take it step by step I will get there. It’s often just getting started on projects like this that is the hardest thing.

I have written all my intentions into a beautiful book and am spending a few minutes every day reading through them and meditating on them. This is a way of keeping them in my consciousness and sending them out to the universe to help them become reality.

How are you keeping your intentions alive?



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