The Journey Continues….

Here I am back at my desk overlooking the sea, not in the Indian Ocean but The Solent! I can’t see any palm trees but I can see the Isle of Wight. Sitting here now my India adventure feels a bit like a dream, however the long summer evenings here remind me that time has passed since I was last here and darkness fell by 5pm.

What an adventure it was, but looking back over the past year of writing this blog I can see that the journey started well before I landed in Kerala on 2nd February. Starting this blog, setting a different intention for each month, totally transformed my day to day experience. It gave me a focus not just of things to do but ways of being. One of the main things I have learnt through this is that it is how you are being that changes your actions, results, feelings, thoughts and reactions from others. So often we focus on the doing, we strive, we get busy, we try our hardest, we work to prove something, but sometimes our heart and the way we are being in the doing is not aligned. It just becomes hard work and not something we are 100% enjoying or totally in the present moment doing.

Speaking of being, the day after I returned I went to a meditation group where you simply lie on the floor, under blankets, in candle light and they play spiritual music. The idea is to give you an hour away from your everyday life to just relax, think about life, God, whatever you feel you need to do. Feeling a little jetlagged lying under a duvet in candle light listening to lovely music easily sent me into a deep state of relaxation. When all of a sudden I felt hands on my head, a warm loving flow of energy spreading through me (just like I have experienced with Reiki) and the sound of someone speaking softly in a strange language , which I later discovered was tongues, the way to communicate with the Holy Spirit.

After a while I felt a tap on my shoulder and the lady who had been praying spoke to me in clear English. She was telling me she had seen a vision of me swinging from trapeze to trapeze high up in the sky and then I am falling, resulting in hurting myself a little. I was then sat at the side lines feeling very sorry for myself not being able to join in. Next Jesus came along, sweeped me up and took me to a beautiful meadow where we just hung out, he healed me and we got to know each other. The overall message seemed to be just to stop doing so much and just allow myself to be, soak in all I have learnt over the past year and continue to deepen my faith.

All slightly crazy but I was left with a very loving feeling of peace, and amazement to have received such a divine message.

I am really looking forward to starting to teach yoga and it all seems to be gradually slotting into place. I already have a few people who have said they would be up for a weekly class so I just need to get venue hunting now! It feels like it’s all going to evolve naturally and is going to be a very enjoyable process.

So really I feel like my journey is not over at all, I have learnt a lot from India and now I am back there is a lot to learn/experience here, I am going to start to convert my year long Journey of Intention into a book, plus start my new life by the seaside. It’s been a good reminder that you don’t have to fly miles away from home to have a spiritual experience. Every moment of our life is a journey, through all the twists, turns, down times and high times there so much to learn and so much to enjoy.

Thank You for following my blog through India and all the comments you have sent me, I have really loved hearing from you.

Namaste xx

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