Just Be

create5Life is spent so much doing. Working, learning, moving, talking, cooking, cleaning….

How often do we really spend just being. That is just doing nothing.

This is one of the things I love about yoga, especially a yin practice, where you get into a pose and just be in it. No movement apart from your natural breath. Sometimes in a day I will just sit on the floor and just close my eyes to just be. Then more often I get busy and forget to!

Another aspect of being is just being yourself. Dropping the striving to be somebody, to prove your value in this world, to be a better person, to be enough.

We’ve all been created perfectly just as we are. Just as we are has special qualities and talents that we have to share in this world, our purpose in life.

It’s so easy to forget this though. I know I have a tendency to keep learning new things, I love learning and developing myself. Whilst it’s amazing to learn, somewhere under this though could perhaps be a seeds of not feeling enough with what I’ve got already. Just being aware of this can serve as a signal to centre myself and remind myself of all the wisdom I have within already.

As I have got older and been on this evolutionary path of yoga and self awareness for 10 years I can notice that I am more myself now than I have ever been. What has highlighted this to me recently is being in a new relationship where I am completely being myself.

I can see how that my past relationships have all been preparing me for this one. There were elements in all the past experiences where I didn’t feel quite enough for who I was with. I needed to exaggerate or diminish part of my personality.

I cut down to a minimum drinking, in general but especially on dates, a few years ago, when I was younger I found I used alcohol to give me confidence and to open up more. I don’t hide behind drink now and I love getting to know someone completely consciously. I hardly wear any make up now, another thing I know I used to hide behind.  I’m now sharing the things I would have been scared to tell a partner for fear they would go off me. To put it simply I am just being me, and if he doesn’t like it he can go but what is amazing is that I have never felt such love from a man as I do from him. And because I am just being myself I know he really does love me for me.

For me right now my intention is to JUST BE around my work and through out each day. As I have written about before I have a tendency to get into busy/ striving mode. So just being is a reminder to stop each day and do nothing.

I know when I do this I create space for my body to relax, creativity to flow and the ability to listen to my higher self/ God.

So for now, just be.


Louise x


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