Being Kind

I can’t believe it is July already! My month of doing things differently is over and what a month it was. Here are a few of the things I learn from breaking habits and doing things I had not done before;

  1. So much of life is habit, lots of things we do are just done with out thinking. It requires a lot of mental energy and effort to consciously do things differently.
  2. It helps to unlock your creativity and you discover things you would never have thought of doing, like the dog show I went to!
  3. Trying new things brings you into the present moment, it totally captures your attention and you focus on them more.
  4. Sometimes we crave the comfort of familiarity, times when feeling down it’s easy to just want the security of the same and that’s OK.
  5. However when you do something totally new, even when you might not feel like it, the result is feeling energised and lifted.
  6. Changing your diet and exercise routine is great to give yourself an extra challenge. The week I was only eating raw food and doing the new hot yoga everyday I felt amazing.
  7. When feeling hurt over something/someone it is helpful to give yourself a deadline by when you will feel better. Of course the feelings don’t just magically go and it takes time to stop missing someone but it does help you to accept it perhaps a little quicker than you may have done without having the intention.

A few things I will take from the month and create new habits are to stick with my meditation every day, which had slipped before, doing yoga every day even if it’s just at home, eating more raw food, watching less TV and not having sugar every day.

My intention for July is to Be Kind. I am looking for opportunities to help people out, carry out daily random acts of kindness to unsuspecting people and think about what being kind to myself means.

My first random act of kindness was at the festival I went to on Friday…..I had just bought some chips and was at the bar buying a drink when I girl stumbled up alongside me and helped herself to my chips! So I just gave them to her, she apologised saying she was in a bit of a state so I just said don’t worry I think you need them more than me,  hopefully they soaked up a bit of her alcohol intake!

On Wednesday I have volunteered to give a talk to under privileged teenagers on how to dress for success at work. I am image consultant so have lots of tips I can pass on to them. The thought of keeping the attention and control of a group of teenagers is slightly daunting but hopefully I will be able to help them in some way.

I am going to go into my friend’s cupcake business on Thursday to help him out making cakes all day……could be lethal with my love of cake.

I discovered a charity, Action Against Hunger, who are running a campaign called, Love Food Give Food,which is to save the lives of malnourished children. The idea is to cook a dinner party for your friends and then they donate money they think the food is worth to the appeal. So I think I am going to plan to do this in July.

I was in Sainsbury’s at the weekend and saw a girl with a really pretty dress on, so went and told her. I just thought how lovely it is when a stranger comes up and compliments you so this is going to be my challenge for this week, to do it at least once a day.

If you need any help this month, or know of anyone else who could use a hand, please do let me know.



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