From Kindness to Love

Wow what an amazing month it has been! From focusing on being kind all month I am feeling a real sense of love and connection with people and myself. I feel like something has shifted with in me and I am now am feeling a great sense of peace and openness. I think the new Hot Power Yoga I have been doing has also had a huge impact, the focus during the practise is very much about kindness by doing what your body needs that day, opening your heart and releasing any painful emotions. So it seems like perfect timing that my intention for August is LOVE!

Before I start to focus on love here are a few kind things that have inspired me this week;

Karen’s experience of an act kindness:

“I know many acts of kindness has been shown to me over the years, but this one is jumping out at me. I think because at the time I wasn’t in a very happy place and was worrying about many things.

When I was a student, I was in my local supermarket, being on a student budget I was weighing up if I could spare my budget for a particular item and if I could afford to buy the name brand version or the own brand basic (which in my experience usually taste awful!)  My mind was consumed with other thing I was worrying about at the time so I think I may of stood staring at the items for far too long.  When a elder lady came up next to me and said (it’s not verbatim but something like this) “I know how it gets sometimes, and you know you can ask auntie get something for you”

She was visible a pensioner, so I politely declined ( I didn’t feel right to get a pensioner pay for my item) I think it was the warm and caring way in which she said it and maybe my face showed more than purchasing an item worries which is why she approached me.  However it was a really kind gesture and it has stayed with me for over 10 years.”

Free Hugs

Check out this video of a Free Hugs campaign, keep watching to the end……it was so touching it actually made me cry! Ultimately we all crave love and connection.

Inspirational Book

In the yoga I have been doing the teachers often read out something from a book called Journey to the Heart: Daily Meditations on the Path to Freeing Your Soul. One day they spoke about being proud of who you are, what you have achieved in your life so far and how you are living your life now. We all choose completely different ways to live our lives however often we get caught up in comparing ourselves to others and diminish the amazing things we have done and are doing. When I came home I wrote down a list of all I have done in my life and felt really proud to have done so much cool stuff. It was very affirming to know I am completely living my life to the full and am doing things I love every day.

Continued random acts of kindness

Just getting myself out of my head, paying attention to where I can be kind and just doing it has continued to be totally uplifting. Like I said at the start it helps you to feel very connected with people. Just taking that extra bit of time to chat to someone, helping them in what ever way you can, actually seems to slow down the speed of life a bit when you are 100% in that moment.

So July seems to have lead me perfectly up to my month of LOVE! As well as focusing on being loving I am also going to explore all types of love; family, friendships, relationships, self love, drawing love, writing love, scenes of love and maybe some more I haven’t even thought of yet! I have actually ordered The Journey to The Heart book and plan to read the daily meditations every day, so I am sure I will have more to report from that.

It’s funny, when I wrote out the plan for my different intentions for this year I just wrote them quickly off the top of my head, with the view to change them around if I felt like it later on. However, now they all just seem to be perfectly flowing into each other and I am now thinking I should just leave them be, maybe there was something in my instinct when I was writing them at the time to make them perfect exactly as they are.

Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine!


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