A Few Things I learnt in 2013



It’s just a few days until Christmas now and as usual I am loving the build up. I love the Christmas lights, catching up with friends & family, indulging on mince pies & mulled wine, giving presents, Christmas songs. It’s such a special time of the year.

I also love the end of a year, the feeling of something coming to a close and a new beginning ahead. Time is funny isn’t it, a man made concept but yet January always feels like a new start even though it’s really just another cycle of the moon.

I’ve been spending some time contemplating my first full year living in Hove & teaching yoga, what a wonderful journey it has been. Following are a few of my lessons learnt and thoughts over 2013:

  • This was the year of me really starting to sing out loud, something I had never done since being told I couldn’t at school. It’s so freeing and great for self expression.
  • Bhakti yoga/Kirtan which is chanting the name of The Divine is a fantastic form of meditation and completely drops you into the space of the heart.
  • This year I joined a church, it’s called Brighton Vineyard and it’s held in a college hall. It’s unlike the traditional churches I had visited before and been put off by. The focus is on the Holy Spirit, living as Jesus did and healing.
  • Since opening my mind, heart and life to God I can really feel the Holy Spirit guiding me now, sometimes I catch myself doing things I would not have dreamed of just a few years ago (like going to church for starters!!). This gives me a great sense of peace knowing I am being looked after.
  • God doesn’t always give you what you want but he gives you what you need. Even though sometimes in life what happens is the last thing you feel you want, there is a grander scheme.
  • The quickest, and most enjoyable, way to get over a break up is to be loving to yourself and do what ever feels good for you right in the moment. Leave any “got to” “should dos” at the door and pamper yourself silly!
  • Hula Hooping is seriously fun and great for your abs.
  • Paddle boarding is not as hard as it looks and a wonderful feeling to be standing out to  sea.
  • Sharks are near to becoming extinct because of the disgraceful “luxury” shark fin soup that the Chinese love so much, the poor sharks are often chucked back into the sea alive without a fin. Yet another disgusting thing to come out of China.
  • Speaking of fish, I was never really aware of how much damage we are doing to the sea bed and marine life through over fishing. Tuna, salmon, cod, prawns especially are off limits to me now which is even more of a challenge to me than giving up meat was.
  • I have not been ill once this year, and one of my intentions for the year was I am Divine Health, it certainly feels like my truth now.
  • I did however had a bit of back pain and what what I learnt from that was how amazing self massage with a yamuna/tennis/spiky ball can be! You simply roll around on it where ever the tension is, in my case my gluts and it is great to release shoulder tension.
  • Nothing beats a massage though, they are so good for you in every way and caring about yourself enough to buy yourself one is uplifting in itself.
  • I bought my first tent in about 15 years and enjoyed sleeping in the great outdoors this summer. Speaking of camping, if you are interested in yoga I highly recommend Colourfest Festival in Dorset,  will definitely be going there again in 2014.
  • Hove really is the most amazing place to live (in the UK) in the summer; swimming in the sea, live music on the beach, Marrocco’s ice cream, take out pizza on the beach, paddle boarding, sunsets, starting off the day walking out to sea at low tide……oh and did I mention the beach? 🙂
  • I recently completed another yoga teacher training in trauma sensitive yoga.  I am really looking forward to offering yoga as a way to help people recover from trauma next year, and also helping people who suffer with high stress levels. Yoga can give you the tools to manage yourself in any situation and it can be extremely healing.
  • Having the intention of I AM LOVE naturally keeps my heart open, this doesn’t mean I always feel good, it leaves me open to the potential of being hurt but that’s OK. I would rather be open, be loving, be kind, be compassionate than closed off and void of feeling any deep emotions at all.
  • ….and finally mung bean soup! I couldn’t not mention it here after it becoming my staple meal since the summer! Great for detox, balancing blood sugar and loosing weight.

It’s amazing how a year can fly by but yet you can achieve and learn so much. Sometimes the lessons are not immediate but appear over time.

Make time to celebrate your year and get ready to welcome in the new, 2014!






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