Lessons, Thoughts, Realisations of 2012

heartOn Saturday I lit a mulled wine candle and played Christmas songs whilst doing my review of the past year. According to some the period between 21.12 and 25.12 is a key time to manifest what you want for your future, what you think about will come true, so I wanted to make sure I was clear on that before Friday!

Before considering who I want to be and what I want to create I began with writing down what went well, what didn’t go so well in 2012 and what did I learn. As I have bared most of my inner most thoughts to all of you through out this past year, (which sometimes made me cringe a A LOT) I think it’s only right that in my final post of the year I share some of my lessons learnt, thoughts and realisations of 2012.

  • There are Tibetans setting themselves on fire in protest of what China is doing to Tibet. I never realised the extent of what China is doing, it’s never in the news, unless we hear the Dalai Lama mention it using words of compassion. Many children have left their families to escape across the Himalayas over the border to India, China monitor phones lines which makes it hard for them to stay in touch with their parents back home.
  • Yoga has transformed my life; down to what I eat and drink, the choices I make, taking time to meditate, practice asana, the actions I do and my spiritual connection. I am so excited to be able to share it with others now, I am loving teaching.
  • The longer I am vegetarian the more connected I feel to animals and so the more strongly I feel about not eating them. I still miss cheeseburgers and pepperoni on pizza though!
  • Love can not be controlled, when you just enjoy it for what it is moment by moment without expectation it is a beautiful experience.
  • You do not have to put up with an illness or taking medication, there are other ways to heal your body. I thought I would have asthma all my life and now I no longer take my inhalers. I am also on the path to healing my pet allergy.
  • Getting out of your head and into your heart is key. Too often we a ruled by our mind which is not always the truth.
  • The universe is abundant, there is a natural flow of giving and receiving. When you close yourself off and stop giving, you also limit what you receive. You won’t necessarily receive from the same source that you have given too, for a moment I felt like I was giving and giving but not receiving anything in return but when I opened my eyes I realised I receive so much all the time.
  • My time spent living with my parents again over the summer was wonderful, what some might fear at the age of 37 I actually realised was a beautiful gift. It can be quite rare past teenage years to spend so much time with parents but it was an amazing experience and we are even closer now because of it.
  • Ecstatic dance is good clean healthy FUN! There are many dance groups around for example 5 Rhythms, Biodanze, Trance Dance and Dancitation. They all help you to get out of your mind and into your body, dancing this way is pure self expression and connection with others.
  • Right now I am in exactly the right place living in Hove, Brighton. I do not want to be living anywhere else, this is quite a rare feeling for me as I am so often planning where to go next.
  • Everything is happening perfectly and for my highest good (and yours too!), although sometimes it might not seem like it is what ever we go through is leading us to somewhere else, something to learn, an experience to have. This year has been a big lesson is putting my faith in Gods hands and just trusting the flow of life.
  • There are lots of black cats that need homes, people don’t pick them because they want a coloured cat. Black cats are beautiful too! This breaks my heart.
  • India has a big piece of my heart, my time there was magical.

My intention for 2013 is LOVE, ABUNDANCE & DIVINE HEALTH.

Watch out for a Journey of Intention e course in the New Year. 3 months of emails to guide you through doing your own Journey of Intention. You will receive a different intention to focus on each week, a suggestion affirmation and some ideas to make it happen. It will be fun! As soon as it’s ready to go I will let you know.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! ….and here’s to 2013 a year full of love, abundance and divine health for us all.



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