Life Purpose & Being Centred

India2012 347Are you clear what your purpose in life is? I’ve just been preparing for a coaching session with a client this week on discovering their Life’s Purpose.

Your purpose is your fire behind every action, it’s meaning to your life and is your heart and souls guiding direction for life.

To give you an idea how you may formulate your Life’s Purpose, here is mine. You’ll notice it has 3 sections, who I am being, by what I am doing, so that I may have….

My life purpose is to be an inspirational heart felt life coach and yoga teacher, helping people feel good and live a life they really love. I achieve this by being my authentic loving self, regularly connecting to Source, continually learning, challenging myself and paying attention to my inner guidance. This helps me to be the best I possibly can be for my clients and myself. So that I may have a life full of love, inspiration and adventure.

When you have the clarity of your Life Purpose you can then align all you do to help you to get closer to it. It’s so helpful when making decisions….you can simply ask yourself “will this move me towards or away from it?”.

Since writing this last I have turned 38! I had such a special weekend, spending time with Vicky & Lisa, who I met in India last year, and then with lots more good friends on my actual birthday making the most of the sunshine on the beach. Amazing.

I also managed to fit in a lovely yoga workshop with Fiona Tasker up in Hove Park. We had a silent walk up through some woodland and 15 minutes meditation of deeply connecting with nature. I sat in the roots of a huge moss covered tree, which felt like they were holding me. It was very grounding and comforting to be surrounded by such a old wise presence. How often do we really stop and actually spend time just being with nature? So often it’s a quick glance and then move on to the next thing.

I grew up in the New Forest so my child hood was spent either on the beach or playing in the woods. We used to pretend to be elves or gnomes as we’d run around making dens and scaring people as they crossed over “our bridge”. I spend so much time on the beach it was great to get in amongst the trees again and I intend to make time to do it more often.

2013-07-27 13.50.59

It’s always good to try new things in life, especially things that you feel you wouldn’t be¬†able to do or would at least be a challenge. Hula Hooping and paddle boarding have been my latest experiments and now my new hobbies! They are both brilliant, and great exercise with out feeling like it (my favourite type of workout). It’s an amazing feeling standing on a calm sea below you, I really recommend it.

The intention I set in Monday’s yoga class was being centred, that is feeling in your body, connected to the earth, at peace. Your best thoughts, ideas, decisions, words come from your centre rather than when you are caught up in the fast pace of the mind.

A quick way to centre yourself is to;

  • Place your feet firmly on the ground, feel your balance.
  • Come into your breath, feel your belly rising in the inhale and releasing on the exhale.
  • Notice the temperature of the room on your skin, any smells, any sensations in your body.
  • Then relax your middle line; between your eyebrows, nose, mouth, throat, belly.

If you are keen to explore your life purpose, as I spoke about above, ensure you do this from a place of being centred so it comes from your true self. If you’d like some help, of course please do let me know!

I am continuing this intention of BEING CENTRED¬†throughout the week. It’s something useful for every day of our lives but it’s so easy to get busy, caught up in the mind and forget to return to that place of calm steadiness.

Namaste xx



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