Just Listen

cloudsMy intention this week is to listen. That is really to listen to my inner guide, that is God/Universe/Higher Consciousness what ever you choose to call it.

I am also going to extend this out to actively listening to every one I interact with, that is not thinking about what to say next while they are still speaking and noticing the things that the other person doesn’t say, the more subtle layers of communication. This is something I do as a coach but not necessarily in every conversation out side of that. It’s quite surprising the extra effort it can take to actively listen but when you do the richness of the communication is so much deeper.

Listen to nature too; to just stop and listen to the wind, to the falling rain, to the waves crashing against the shore, to the birds singing, or in the case of sea gulls, squawking!

This has come from a discussion I have been having recently around finding my Calling in life. I feel the work I do is part of my Calling but there is still something just around the corner, another layer to it all that I have not expected. I am asking to be led to this and to notice it when it arrives.

This is going to require some serious listening! Listening to instinct, heart flutters, stomach flips, an inner knowing, signs, chance conversations some of which will be Gods way of leading me there.

I am going to be strict with my meditation routine and having silent periods throughout my day. Yoga is so helpful with this, every time I get on my mat it’s a chance to go with in. To connect with myself and have the space to listen.

I invite you to take a look at where you could benefit from listening a little bit more in your life?

Do you find your self half listening when someone else is speaking? I know I have been guilty of multi tasking when on the phone or caught up in other thoughts which leads to only half paying attention.

How often do you sit in silence and really listen?

Do you notice your body reaction to different events in your life? Your body unconsciously gives off signals when something is good for you or not, but often we ignore it.

Do you notice signs, new people coming into your life, passing conversations that could help you in the direction you want to go or are you closed off from them by being caught up in the mind?

I have a great affirmation for this intention which I am going to use through out each day:

As I create and listen I will be led.

Have a great week!



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