Love, Courage and Creation

I’m sitting here at the blank screen wondering what to write. Over the past 6 months so much has happened that there has been an abundance to share but now it feels like it’s all slowed down a bit. I guess that is only natural after returning from my travels back to a sleepy little village by the sea. I feel a little like I have entered a time warp, was it all a dream?!

The past week has been great though; I’ve watched a great friend get baptised on Bournemouth beach (in very rough cold sea!) and danced into the early hours to celebrate, I’ve met up with my old school friends who have now all had or about to have babies (it seems everyone I know is busy with this activity at the moment), I’ve continued my yoga practice in the garden and I have had a fun trip to London to catch up with everyone there and be reunited with my lovely fluffy cat. I was very relived that she didn’t actually act any different towards me, as if I hadn’t been gone at all…..maybe I did enter a time warp, hmmm.

As the week has evolved I have become more and more clear that I can’t stay in the Bournemouth area permanently. I just don’t have the same amount of energy that I have in London, it’s just so relaxed down here! So my original plan to try out Brighton is the next  step, I still want to live by the sea and Brighton has been on my mind for about 5 years. I am going to Ibiza tomorrow (EXCITED!) and then when I am back I’ll be spending a few days in Brighton to see how I feel when I am there.

One thing I have noticed about myself since being back is I am listening to my feelings and intuition more. I am not forcing myself to make decisions when I don’t feel ready but rather trusting that it will all become clear to me when the time is right.

Although my “Journey of Intention” is now over of course I still have intentions, I couldn’t live with out them now. I have clear intentions now for my business, teaching yoga, my health and, of course, love. If I were to sum up my over all intentions at the moment I am being; LOVE, COURAGE and CREATION.

But first I am off to Ibiza to celebrate my friends birthday and be CRAZY SILLY FUN from last months intention ;o)

Namaste x

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