Being Mindful

photo (44)I’m an addict. I’ve known about it for a long time and most of the time I have it under control but it’s only been from going completely cold turkey I have really noticed the affect it had over me.

Sugar, I crave it!

Over the past week I have completely cut it out by only eating mung bean or lentil soup. The first three days were like torture, I couldn’t stop thinking about the mint chunky kit kat left in my fridge (why didn’t I eat it before I started?!). I felt completely exhausted and was sleeping like a baby.

I’ve now started to introduce some salad, veg and brown rice and muesli, with seeds, in the mornings with the only sweetness from dried fruit. I am feeling much more alert and even my cat waking me up at 4am each morning isn’t seeming to affect my energy levels!

What has also been interesting to notice is that when I am only eating quite plain meals like the soup my hunger isn’t really anything to do with actually being hungry. I am full of healthy food but yet I still crave “treats”.

At the weekend I ran a yoga workshop, I usually make a “treat” for people to eat at the end. This time I was determined to make something relatively healthy so I experimented with coconut balls. Something I have seen other people eat but usually they are made with nuts, which I have an allergy to. So I whizzed up the following in a blender:

Some organic raw coconut oil

A bag of pitted dates

A couple of spoons of Green & Blacks cocoa powder

Some golden linseeds

Dessicated coconut, about half a bag

I then rolled the mixture into little balls and rolled them in more dessicated coconut. They are YUMMY! I can’t believe they are not bad for you…. So I think they will be my new “treats” now when I feel like something sweet.

Saying all this, I am never going to give up home made cake or ice cream….especially with the amazing “Treacle” cake shop & and Italian Marrocco’s just round the corner from my flat. Everything in moderation and all that ๐Ÿ™‚

photo (45)

My Neti Pot!

Another new addition to my routine is neti. Neti is a yogic cleansing technique used to get rid of mucus in the sinuses, so it’s great if you have allergies/ hay fever etc. You use a neti pot which looks like a little Aladdin’s lamp and fill it with previously boiled (but now cool) water and Himalayan salt, because it’s very good quality, or you can buy a sinus salt rinse from the net.

If you are interested in trying it’s probably best to look up how to do it on You Tube but basically you pour water down one nostril and have your head tilted so it comes out of the other one, then swap sides! It feels quite strange but good afterwards. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve only just begun so I will report how my allergies are doing next time I write.

As you can imagine, being the beach bum that I am, I’m completely loving living in Brighton right now. I had a moment on Monday when I was walking home along the beach after teaching yoga of feeling completely present, content and happy with my life. When I was in India I wrote in my intention book my vision of walking along the beach on my way to teach yoga in Brighton, and in that moment on Monday evening I felt like I had arrived.

On Friday I am actually going to teach yoga on the beach front at 7am….. I AM SO EXCITED! What a great start to the day. Message me if you’d like to join in!

This week I have been listening to various interviews by authors from Hay House, as ย part of their free world summit. It’s amazing, there is so much free content, it’s actually pretty impossible to listen to every interview each day. What I have been loving though is that every inspirational speaker is basically saying the same message:

  • Our true state is unconditional love
  • We are all spiritual beings having a human experience
  • Our purpose is just to be who we truly are, that’s why we are here, we are all unique and that is what we have to share with the world

I really recommend signing up for the rest of the summit if you can, it’s so uplifting and inspiring to even just listen to one talk a day.

…..and some exciting news! I have signed up for the Hay House writers conference in September, to give myself the kick up the bum and new tools to be able to write my Journey of Intention book. We will all have the chance to submit a book proposal to them as well. My dream is to be published by Hay House so this is a wonderful opportunity to connect with them.

My intention this week is MINDFULNESS, this has emerged from my new slower yoga practice, morning calming pranayama (yogic breathing) and simplifying my diet. My system is settling, calming and as a result more awareness is coming into my being. For the next week I am going to experiment with really taking time to pay attention to everything I do and my surroundings.

One technique to help me to do this is to sit outside, close my eyes and just listen. To tune into all the sounds around me. I am more of a visual person so I think this will be really interesting.

In being mindful and paying attention to all of my senses this will help me to hear my inner voice, my intuition, which will guide me if I just trust it and allow it. This is something I have been working on over time and would like to develop even further.

Enjoy the sunshine lovely people and if you are in Brighton come join me for some yoga on the beach on Friday morning!




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