My 1st Artist’s Date!

Yesterday I took my self off to the Tate Modern along the River Thames, it was a beautiful day and even just the walking through Borough Market then along the river lifted my spirits and inspiration.

I studied art up to A Level so when I was younger I often used to come on day trips to London so visit galleries, although the Tate Modern wasn’t around then! (Gosh that makes me feel old!). My favourite art back then was Monet, Dali and all the Pop Art like Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. Since then I have been to a few exhibitions including the Tate Modern but not for a few years.

I have to say visiting the Tate yesterday did fill me with some kind of reassurance that what ever art I do is OK! Art is so subjective and many of the pieces I saw yesterday I really didn’t like. I don’t understand how a piece of canvas just painted in one block colour or just a canvas with a hole cut through it can merit being hung in a gallery. Although my flatmate who is way more knowledgeable about art that me told me it’s about the technique rather than the actual picture.

Following are a couple of examples of work I didn’t really understand:








Here are a few pieces I did like, not surprising 2 are Monet and Lichtenstein;













After being at the Tate I discovered the Bankside Gallery which had lots of great art in it, actually there was more I liked in there! This was one piece, you can’t see it but it had some glitter added onto the picture as well!


The artist that most inspired me at the Tate was Frederic Bruly Bouabre who over the past 6 decades has produced 1000s of little drawings, all on the same size pieces of paper drawn with a ball point pen and colouring crayons he basically depicts his life, what he sees every day. He pays attention to tiny details on every day objects like the patterns on a cola nut or the clouds in the sky. His art pieces are a collection of the mini drawings all hung together on a big board so it’s like it is telling a story. I liked this because it’s so simple but effective, it’s fun and I like the idea of just doing little pictures regularly paying attention to everything around you.

Walking back along the Thames to meet my friend Mark for a cupcake (mmm!) I started thinking about the art I actually like now, what do I really enjoy looking at? I have to say the pieces that I can just get lost in are graffiti or graffiti inspired art. Like this:








These 2 piece of graffiti are in Brighton and the picture of the girl was on one of the Elephants for the Elephant Parade in London, which was something that I LOVED last year!!



So I think for my next “Artist’s Date” I am going to take my self off on a graffiti hunt……how much fun does that sound???!! Well maybe only to me but I love the idea! So that can be my plan for next Sunday, i’ll have to do a bit of research beforehand to work out the best places to go to.

If anyone has seen any great graffiti please let me know! Thanks!


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