My first piece of art!

I feel very chuffed to say I have completed my first piece of art in about 16 years!! I wouldn’t say it’s a master piece by any means but the fact I have actually sat down and drawn a picture makes me feel very satisfied.

I have to be honest I did try to come up with all sorts of excuses not to start this yesterday, I wanted to but as with every other time I have sat to try and be artistic my mind just goes blank and then I come over all tired! How ever I was determined, I want to give this project 100% and how could I not be creative on the 1st day!?! So I willed every bone in my body just to be patient to sit and copy a photo I took in Thailand a few years ago. I did a couple of hours yesterday and then finished it off today;

Without actually realising it the photo is actually of a beach on the same island as in the photo in the heading of this blog (which I took). It’s called Koh Maak and is still one of the few unspoilt islands in Thailand, I love it there.

Finishing this off today was just the tonic I needed after wasting about 3 hours buying a wardrobe, carrying it home and assembling it, only for it to fall apart in front of me! Not my fault may I add but bad bad manufacturing!! To say I was fuming was not the word…..instead I marched back to the shop, got my refund then came home poured a nice glass of rose and finished this off. It was fabulous to take my mind off it and calm me down!

Now I need to find something new to draw tomorrow!


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