My Intention This Week is TO ALLOW

photo (3)I had a beautiful experience last night which brought a tear to my eye, not from sadness but from a heartfelt state of connection to others. Every month a wonderful lady called Narayani organises a Satsang for yoga teachers, students and anyone who feels drawn to coming. Satsang is described by Wikipedia as “in the company of the “highest truth””.

We sing Indian chants together, meditate, listen to a talk from a teacher and connect with each other. Last night we were blessed with the presence of a lady called Rev Padma Priya who spoke to us about living in the heart and transcending the  mind. She was not talking about our physical heart but from a space of pure consciousness,  unconditional love and the knowing that we are all one. This is our true state.

As she pointed out the moment you say something like “who me?” or “myself” your hands will naturally go to your chest. You never say “me” and put your hands on your forehead do you?

Simply by placing your hands together on your chest, closing your eyes and breathing deeply into your heart you connect with this place. You connect with universal consciousness.

To experience this I really recommend, sitting down comfortably and listening to her guided meditation that is available on YouTube

We did a similar meditation last night and then chanted together. There was a moment when my eyes were closed, I was singing along to the chants, really feeling their vibration when I realised I felt exactly as I did when I was having similar experiences in India this time last year. I deeply miss being there but last night I had a reminder that you don’t need to travel to far flung places to have a spiritual experience. It is all around us, it’s how we choose to spend our days, who we choose to spend time with, making time to connect with deep with in ourselves and others as the spiritual beings that we are.

Needless to say I floated home last night feeling a strong sense that we are all connected, it’s just our bodies, time and space that make us feel like we are not. Also feeling very grateful as always for living in Brighton and getting to know so many lovely people here.

Last week I went on a course with Mark Walsh called Embodiment Training for coaches/trainers and anyone else who helps clients with transformation. Embodiment is basically getting out of the mind and feeling your body and breath. It’s amazing what you can learn from how you move your body and even simply stand. I have gained a whole new set of tools to add to my already bulging tool kit to help people become self aware, manage their emotions, have control of their lives and interactions with others.

The course was also great to do personally it highlighted how I am a leader and don’t like to feel pushed around. This has it’s benefits of course but also there is something for me to learn around simply allowing. Allowing life to just happen and allowing interactions with others to evolve naturally without feeling the need to be the one in control.

Interestingly in the exercises we did where I felt like I was pushing (the word push was never actually used, it’s interesting to note the use of our own language to uncover how we are in life) the other person my shoulders became painful again. It’s left me contemplating if my shoulder injury could be a manifestation of something around a sense of “pushing through life”. I often feel like I have so much to do and that I need to do it as quickly as possible!

As a result of this realisation my intention this week is to ALLOW. Allow my life to evolve at it’s natural pace, dropping feelings of how I think things “should” be, allow and receive others with no expectations, allow myself to be in the natural state of my heart centre, allow my shoulders to heal, allow silence, allow my inner guidance to be heard and allow myself to follow it.

What could you allow this week?

Namaste x


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