What Is Next?!

My Journey of Intention is technically at an end! Last May I started my 12 months of intention setting to see what would happen if I gave my self a different focus each month, and what an amazing experiment it has been! It doesn’t feel quite right though to end it whilst I am still out in India, so I am adding a couple of extra months on to the end to fully complete and document my experience out here.

So what is next for the month of May? The purpose in which I have used intention over the year has been about “being” a certain way but it also has another way of being used. When you focus on what you would like to create in your life, when you day dream about it, direct your actions towards it and trust that when the time is right God/The Universe will put opportunities in your way to make it happen, this is the Power of Intention.

Intention connects with the Universal Life Force energy that flows through all of us and everything living or non living thing. We are all made of energy and our thoughts are energy too, how we think creates our reality. Our thoughts connect to the Universe and we receive back what we think about. Which is why people say “be careful what you wish for”!

When I came out to India I wrote in my diary my intention for the trip. I listed the places i’d like to see, that I’d like to find the right yoga course for me, meet interesting people, to feel inspired and creative to be full of energy and ideas to start my life in Brighton. Over all the main thing was just to BE, to just be in the moment and trust where ever the journey took me was the right way. To trust that God/The Universe would look after me.

All this has happened and more, as you will have read about over the past few months. I have ended up in a beautiful place, learning yoga, reiki and as it happens learning even more about the power of Intention.

So my intention for May is actually going to be INTENTION. Focusing, imagining and manifesting what I would like to create next in my life. There are alsorts of techniques to help you do this which I will share with you each week. I am reading a perfect book to help me do just this; The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer. In this book Wayne  Dyer lists the 7 characteristics of Intention, which he advises to focus on each day to get in tune with the energy of The Universe, which we are all a part of;

Kindness – Be kind to yourself, others and nature

Love – Be love, cooperation not competition. “Love is the force behind the will of God”.

Beauty – Look for beauty in everything.

Expansion – Be ever expanding, growning; intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.

Abundance – The Universe/ Gods Kingdom is limitless, be grateful for signs of abundance every day and trust there is enough for us all.

Creativity – Be creative, put what you would like to manifest in to writing….which brings it into reality.

Reception – Be open to receiving.

So this is what I am going to be focusing on!

Since writing last week I have done my second Reiki degree, intention is a large part of healing with Reiki as you intend on the energy flowing through you to heal yourself and others for your and their highest good.

I am absolutely loving Reiki. It really feels like the most special thing I have done. I have been giving myself Reiki each day and as the days have gone on I am feeling more and more energized and in such a fantastic headspace. It feels like another dimension to add to my “being healthy”, along with the yoga breathing practices I now do daily. I have also given Reiki to a couple of people which was such a lovely experience, it feels so great to be helping other people in such a caring way. When you lay your hands on the persons different energy centers you feel the energy flowing through. Sometimes it gets really hot and other times not, you have to use your intuition to know when it is time to move on to the next area.

My yoga course is coming to an end too! I can’t believe it’s almost been 5 weeks. All our demonstrations, correction practice in the classes and exams are over now. I just have a few more yoga classes to go to until I get my certificate on Saturday, I can’t wait to have it in my hand! I am so excited to start creating my classes and sharing yoga with people.

My month of being healthy really did fit perfectly in with doing the course, I actually felt pretty unhealthy for a lot of it as I my back started to play up and I got that wierd illness. However with my intention of being healthy, thinking healthy, eating the right foods, taking great superfood supplements and being kind to my self by taking a rest sometimes I got over it all very quickly. I am feeling FULL POWER now, as they say in India :o)

On Saturday night our teacher Vijay treated us to pizza. Here are my fellow Yogi’s, and Vijay (at the front) DR  Ganesh, our philosophy teacher;

Now I would like to ask for your help, I still need an intention for June! As it is my last one, for the purpose of this blog (and soon to be book!), i’d like to throw it out to you! Any suggestions would like very warmly and excitingly recieved….


Lots of love




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