An Opportunity to Create

I had one of those moments around 4.30 this morning where blind panic sets in. Where you think what the hell am I doing, am I making right decision and what if it all goes wrong?!

It reminded me a little of my first week in Kerala when all of the people’s voices who had been telling me how brave I was to travel on my own with no plans suddenly became very loud in my mind. How that journey unfolded though was simply perfect in every way.

I wasn’t as far flung as India though this weekend, I was simply along the coast line in Brighton. My next place of adventure.

The sudden realisation of starting a life  in a new place and setting up my business there with no clue how it will all turn out hit me like a lightening strike. However, the amazing thing is whilst it scares me a bit it’s also so exciting. I now know that this feeling is a signal of immense personal development ahead and a great test of throwing my life into the hands of the universe and faith that it will all work out exactly as it is meant to be.

This all feels like perfect timing as everything I have learnt throughout this year’s Journey of Intention I am now able to put into practice. Intentions of courage, love and being present will all support me. The practice of Prayer, Mediation and Reiki continue to be awe inspiring.

Just as the Universe works by sending messages, signs, to support us at exactly the right time, I read a post from Neale Donald Walsch (author of Conversations with God) on his Facebook last night:

Everything that is happening, is happening just the way it must, in order for you to have the opportunity to create the experience of your Self for which you yearn. The idea behind all of this is to give you a chance to become and to know, at the highest level, Who You Really Are.” Neale Donald Walsch

It reminded me of something I read whilst away, probably in Conversations With God, that in any given situation we have the opportunity to create who we are in the world and to remember who we really are. I loved this when I read it as it is so in line with our business Create Yourself.

I trust that the Universe provides me with everything I need and believe where I am at right now is perfect. Whilst sometimes my mind will try to send me into doubt this is just a test of being with the feelings but not attaching to them. Accepting some parts of life are a little scary but that doesn’t have to mean anything. In fact fear can be used to your advantage to spur you on.

So Brighton, on every street I turned there was some kind of well being centre, shop or service. There are so many opportunities there for me to practice Reiki, coach people and teach yoga it’s untrue. I already have at least 3 places to contact to book studios for yoga when I am there and I have found a centre where I can do it all with treatment rooms as well.

I have an unbelievable amount of work to do now, find somewhere to live, recreate and rebrand my business, redesign the website, get marketing materials designed and printed, plus get this book started. First thing’s first though…….

I need to write my PLAN!

It will just be too overwhelming if I don’t break it down into manageable chunks and plan how I am going to do all this over the next six months. So that is my focus for today.

Exciting times ahead…..



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