Pay Attention To Your Feelings

Since writing last week I have booked by flight to India for 1st Feb, woo hoo, and put my back out, boo. Not ideal when I am going to need to carry a heavy backpack next week!  I have been stuck indoors for the past 4 days, but this morning I visited a chiropractor and she’s clicked me back into place. I can touch my toes again, hoorah!

Being stopped from rushing around has allowed me the time get prepared for my trip though, it’s given me the head space to think clearly about everything I need to get in place before I go and to think about what I want to do whilst there. See, there is always a positive in a seemingly negative situation :-).

For once I am not making plans. I am going to continue with being in the moment and trust  I will be led in the right direction for me. My mind naturally wants to put plans in place and book courses to do but my instinct is saying just to get there.

I wrote a post in my Confidence Coach blog on Friday about The Power of Synchronicity and what I ended it with is something that I am going to live by during my trip:

When you are alert in the present moment this is where you notice opportunities that are put in your way. If you are curious in the present moment it allows you to explore these opportunities and not let them pass you by.

Over the past few weeks I have started to go to a church group on a Sunday morning. Yesterday a lady came up to me, who I have never met before, and said she has been praying for me. She didn’t know why but she had just felt she should. I told her all about my plans for India to not make plans, to be open and trusting to just go with the flow. I don’t believe anything in life is really a coincidence, I think people are put in our path for a reason and I think this was one of those moments. Maybe a sign that I am going to be protected on my journey, I have definitely had a couple of these signs very clearly recently.

And finally another thing that has come to mind is our internal navigation system, our feelings. How we feel the second we make a decision is a sign of our true feelings towards something before our mind kicks in. Guilt, doubt or that constantly niggle can a sign something is wrong and needs to be cleared up. Excitement is a sign you are on the right path, and actually sometimes so is fear. Aside from the feeling of danger, fear of doing something you really want to do but that is a bit scary is a signal you are about to breakthrough barriers and create change.

We can only really pay attention to what our feelings are when we allow ourselves to notice them. It’s so easy to dismiss feelings and run around like headless chickens regardless. So it can be helpful just to sit and pay attention to how you are feeling about something and use your natural navigation system as a guide. Those instinctual immediate feelings are usually the most accurate before your mind starts going into over drive.

So it’s wise to listen to your bodily sensations that indicate how you feel and then act from there. I see this as acting from the heart rather than the mind.


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