Peace & Love

peace and loveI’ve been going down to the beach early, around 6am, to meditate whilst the mornings have been so beautifully sunny and warm. It’s been lovely and by the time I am finished I’ve been feeling so inspired, in a state of gratitude and love.

This morning I stopped to consider how really lucky I was to be sat there in the sun, staring out to sea, after having a time of meditation and prayer. There are people in the world who are being killed because of their faith, there are innocent people dying in war zones and there I was just sat there feeling blissful. Could you imagine being killed for what you believed in?

Those poor school girls in Africa being kidnapped and forced to become Muslims.

Haven’t we got the right to believe what we want?

I’ve been praying for the people in Gaza, Ukraine and Africa. I can’t say I fully understand in detail exactly what is going on there but I do know innocent people are being killed, and that people must just be in a constant state of fear.

We are energy, everything on this planet is energy, the universe is energy and our thoughts are energy. So if we all take a moment out of our days to send loving, peaceful thoughts towards people that need it it’s bound to make a difference right? We all know the power of intention.

Let’s create a group intention of peace and love for all and spend a few moments each day focusing on it.


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