candle-flame-freeIn light of everything going on in the World right now Peace is the intention I feel that is needed the most.

Watching the news, which is something I usually avoid doing too much, can easily start to instil fear into our minds. Fear and hatred.

Fear and hatred are not going to help though.

It’s surprised me how when something so tragic there has been so much judgement of others reactions to it all via social media. When really the most powerful response I can see is to share peace and love.

I find it tragic that this small group, IS, can taint the power of prayer and God’s name so much.

Just the week before Friday nights attack in Paris I had been celebrating Diwali with my yoga classes, lighting candles to symbolise light overcoming darkness. I had been to a powerful church service that had left me feeling at peace and inspired. I’d visited Amma in London, with 1000s of others, and had been overwhelmed by God’s loving presence through her.

All this I experienced was nothing to do with the energy that is running through and guiding IS to behave in the way they do. God is not involved with these people, only darkness is.

Of course we all know this darkness is causing death and destruction all over the world, not just in Paris. How do we respond?

With Peace. Hatred is not going to help, this is why they are doing it. This doesn’t mean doing nothing, we can be in action to help those in need.

I am not an expert, I have no idea how the Government should be handling this, all I can do is control my reaction to it and how I am in the world. I choose to continue to pray to a loving God for peace for all beings in this world. I choose to light a candle for all those suffering when I practice yoga. I choose to be peaceful in my actions and interactions with others. I choose to be kind and help others when I can.

Like Ghandi said “be the change you wish to see in the world”.




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