Being Peaceful

Being peaceful is knowing that right now in this moment everything is working out. It’s connecting with the real you, the inner you, the place inside you that is always at peace before your mind (ego) takes over.

How often do you feel in this place? Honestly?

I am like a yo yo! When I practice yoga, by the end of it I feel at peace. When I sit on the beach and watch the sunlight sparkling on the water I feel at peace. When I pray I feel at peace. After a good laugh out loud with friends I feel at peace.

The rest of the time….maybe not always! There is always something to think about, to do, to work towards. It can be pretty tough when you work for your self to feel at peace all of the time, trusting it is all working out.

That’s the thing. It all comes down to TRUST. When you let go of attachments and trust, peace fills you.

I have been helping a friend through a difficult time recently, an addiction which completely takes over the soul and removes any experience of peace. With my new found faith I have been praying. I had prayer at church last Sunday for us both and the Holy Spirit filled me with peace.

I feel bonkers writing that, my faith is still so new that even expressing it is bizarre, but it’s how I felt. I experience a sense of love rushing into my heart and a serenity taking over my being. I can’t explain how I believe I can only gage it by how I feel.

So my intention this week is PEACE, I feel like I have been given a kick start by the Holy Spirit but I am maintaining this sense of serenity through out the week in every area of my life and my being.



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