Being Peaceful By The Seaside

My View!

Well the big move has been made. I am no longer living in London, I can’t quite believe it. As I sit at my desk writing this I can see the sun’s rays filtering through the clouds and hitting the Isle of Wight, it’s so amazing to see the sea from where I am working!!! I never quite imagined the reaction I would have to leaving London though, my mind has been on overdrive questioning what I am doing, thinking about everything I love up there and feeling a bit lost to who I am now. I am realising for so many years I have related to myself as “someone who lives in London”, it’s become part of who I am and the lifestyle I lead. I feel like that has suddenly been taken away and now I am not sure who I am any more!!! This is absolutely totally insane though, I am still me where ever I am in the world and a location does not define this.

All this self talk just highlights how busy my mind is, and how it comes up with so much rubbish most of the time. Any doubts, fears, negative beliefs all come rising up to the surface attempting to change my mind, make me feel bad and what I am practising is to just observe these thoughts and not give them any attention, which is all part of my new intention this month, being peaceful. It couldn’t have come at a better time as right now I am not feeling very at peace!!!

So my “peace plan” to overcome the freak out of leaving London is……

  1. Yoga every day, it helps so much and if I want to be a yoga teacher I need to get into a regular self practice.
  2. Running along the beach every day, I find running is like a meditation and doing it by the sea is such an amazing feeling.
  3. Read, I have so many books I have been meaning to get through but just have not had the time. Now there is no excuse!
  4. Plan my business until I go away, there is lots I need to get in place before I go so just creating a plan and getting into action with it will calm my mind about it all.
  5. No sugar and no caffeine, they both irritate the mind and distract you from thinking peacefully.
  6. Visit my friends in the area, it will be so great to be able to spend time with them all and will help me to feel like I do have a life down here as well!
  7. Plan my trip to India, after all this is the reason for all of this and it’s going to be a trip of a life time!

I have also booked in my regular trips to London, as I am still working seeing my clients up there and need to see my London family and child (Fluff, my cat…..I miss her so much!). The great thing is that I think each time I visit now I will make the most of it 100%, I won’t take London for granted any more and when I am there I will enjoy it to the full! I’ll probably see my friends just as much but the time we spend together will be even more special.

I am still reading my daily mediations from Journey to the Heart: Daily Meditations on the Path to Freeing Your Soul, they always seem to say the right thing at the right time, this is a excerpt from todays mediation:

Trust. Trust the process. Joy is yours, available for the asking and the desiring – even in the developmental stages. Even before the puzzle has been put together. The scattered pieces will come together – the scattered pieces of yourself, your project, your life. The connecting thread is love.

The picture will be beautiful. Wait and see.

Right I am off for my morning run now along the coast path.

(which means  – the light within me bows to the light within you)


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