My month of being peaceful is coming to an end!

Well, my month of being peaceful is coming to an end. It’s certainly been a turning point in my life with moving out of London, my mind has swung from being peaceful to questioning everything! I’ve settled into it though now and am loving being down by the sea.

The intention of being peaceful has been very subtle but also quite powerful. I have had time to just stop, time to think and time just to be. Following are a few things that I have been aware of:

  1. Making the effort to do some kind of exercise daily really has an impact on how you feel, especially if some of it is outdoors.
  2. Change can be hard, it can be scary and it can be easy to put off. However when you make the change you have been dreaming of it feels really liberating and anything feels possible.
  3. Moderation is the key, I have always been an extreme kind of person but focusing on moderation has helped me to feel more in control and has balanced my emotions.
  4. I often find sitting down to meditate on my own very hard, my mind is like a monkey jumping all over the place. Recently I have started to do a breathing exercise which I learnt in the ashram, called Anuloma Viloma or alternate nostril breathing. It really helps to have something to focus on and once you have done ita few times my mind calms enough to be able just to meditate.
  5. I think I have probably mentioned the word uncertainty a lot in my blog this year, it feels like my whole year has been a test of learning just to be with it. I finally feel like I am.
  6. I have been thinking a lot about the guy I was seeing before, I think maybe it’s just because I am doing everything we spoke about and I miss sharing things with him. When it comes down to it timing can be everything for a relationship to work out. Am cool with it all though, he has just been in my thoughts. I still believe he came into my life to set me in motion to write this blog, leave London and go to India so the experience can only be a good thing!

As I mentioned last week my next intention is to be giving, I am looking forward to taking the attention off myself and on to others. Next week I have offered my image consultancy services for free at a charity fashion show event in the Forest, it should be fun!


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