Perfect Health and New Beginnings

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Statue outside The National Art Gallery in London

Happy New Moon! The new moon is a time for new beginnings, so perfect for setting your intentions. To coincide with this I have just started the next Deepak Chopra 21 day meditation challenge on perfect health. Seems like perfect timing!

The first affirmation he has set for the challenge is “I commit to living perfect health”. What does this mean to me? Being asthma and allergy free, feeling energised, light, eating fresh vegetables and fruit every day, practising yoga daily and not poisoning my body with toxins.

Thinking about what I would like to create from this 21 day challenge, it would be the following:

photo (14)1) Rebalance my blood sugar again, it’s gone a bit out of whack recently! I blame the new mint kit kat chunky’s 🙂

2) To fully heal my allergy to animals, it’s gone now when I stay with my own cat in London  but not when I volunteer at the cats home.

This really is perfect timing for the challenge as I have just returned from 5 days working up in Scotland living out of a teeny tiny hotel room eating out every day and missing my daily yoga sessions. It’s amazing how just a few days away from a healthy routine can affect  how I feel.

From experience being healthy is a choice. We are constantly making choices every day, and every one has a consequence. It’s very easy to make unconscious choices, the ones you make in a hurry not really considering what reaction they will create. This is often what happens when we make unhealthy choices, I know that is definitely the case for me. If I am in a rush, tired, hungry I won’t always choose the best option for feeling my best. For example last night at the airport, feeling starving hungry I opted for a veggie burger and chips (and then cake) instead of a nice healthy salad!

This is where an affirmation like “I commit to living perfect health” comes in so useful. It gives you a choice, do I choose to be perfect health or not? Then it’s a clear decision to make.

I’ve still been enjoying “The Artist’s Way”, last week I took myself to the National Gallery in London to get lost in some big paintings. I actually broke the rules slightly and invited a a friend along as doing things on my own is fairly normal for me, I like to take myself off on adventures and I enjoy my own company. However I enjoy others company too, so it was nice to share my “artist’s date” with a friend.

I’ve booked myself on to a life drawing class, should be fun, I have not drawn naked bodies since my college days! Also at a craft fair I’ve picked up some decoupage paper to start to create some small canvas paintings I have been thinking about for a while.  So my creative side is definitely becoming unlocked.

What’s been surprising though are the morning pages. I have been using them to write my intentions, what I’d like to create and what I am grateful for. Since starting them some wonderful unexpected things have come my way; opportunities to teach more yoga, a lovely new life coaching client  and a chance to be completely self expressed from my heart with someone I didn’t really expect to speak to again.

I feel like the universe is guiding me to teach more yoga, it feels so right and I love sharing it with other people. In April I will be starting 2 more classes for runners and cyclists with injuries. I am so excited about helping people with their healing journey as I have been through it myself with a bad lower back and more recently shoulder and neck pain.

What all of this is, is a reminder of focusing on what you love and what you want to create in your life. Simply writing it down in my morning pages (a daily exercise from “The Artist’s Way) seems to accelerate the process as putting pen to paper helps to clarify your thoughts and direct your attention to your intention.

On this night of a new moon, remember to make some time to day dream about your new beginnings and what you would like to create.

Namaste x

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