From Play to Peace

I’ve got two sleeps left in my lovely flat with my fantastic friends and little fluff ball (my cat)…..everything part of my mind is screaming out “What on earth are you doing this for, you love your life here?!”. I am practising just observing these thoughts and not paying too much attention to them, hoping  that once the move has been done they will quieten. I know I am on the right path, change is good and it’s something I have been talking about for so long it’s just time to do it. Life is too short to be thinking “some day one day….”. One thing I have learnt about myself over the past couple of years is I resist change like this up until it happens and then when it does I am totally fine so I am sure (hope) this will be the case on Thursday!!

I have stuck to my intention of PLAY so much that I have actually lost my voice!!! The past week or so has been insane with catching up with people before I head off. Last week I left the company I have been with for just over 11 years! Whilst being there I trained to become an image consultant, a life coach, set up my own business and then became a trainer and a coach there on a consultancy basis. To say it worked perfectly is an understatement and I am so grateful for their flexibility with me to support me in creating I life I love. Leaving was very surreal and they gave me an amazing send off.

So my plans moving forward, I am moving down to the New Forest on Thursday until December, I still plan to commute to London to see clients for my business as it’s not that far away. In December I will head off to the Caribbean (eek!) to run a digital detox holiday as part of a PR campaign to promote holidays to The Grenadines. Then I am off to India for a few months to learn more about yoga and meditation, travel, write my blogs and create my own “coaching method”. It’s all exciting stuff. I am not planning too far beyond India but I suspect I may move to Brighton on my return as it’s somewhere I have been wanting to live for years and it’s easy to commute to London for my clients.

What have I learnt this month from “being playful”? Well….it’s a whole lot of fun and actually it’s kind of how I am anyway so it didn’t feel like too much of a challenge. Aside from the fact perhaps I got a little carried away and have now made myself ill…. it was worth it though! Play lead me also to being more spontaneous which is something I always have been but over the past year I would say maybe not so much. I love spontaneity and being like that more bought out an aspect of me that had been dormant for a while. I will definitely keep that up! Another impact it had is around things that I usually take seriously or see as a bore, instead just being playful around things like this it just lightens them up and makes them easier to deal with.

My next intention is “being peaceful”, I think perfect timing as I have worn myself out! I plan to do lots more yoga once I have moved, spending time at the beach every day and just calmly preparing all I need to do before I leave in December. Plus being peaceful in my mind around the move, calming the chatter down and not getting caught up in any doubts and worries that it throws up. I know I am on the right path……and it’s all very exciting 🙂



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