It’s PLAY time!!!

Wow, I have hit the ground running with my intention for September….”Being Playful”. I just spent the most fun week possible with a group of great friends in Ibiza. It truly is the most hedonistic place you can imagine and what I love about it so much is you are permanently living in the moment there. Any thoughts of back home, the future, the past all disappear and your main focus is having fun!

Before I left I had read something in Psychologies magazine about creating a day each month that you will remember for the rest of your life, well I certainly achieved that this week! On Wednesday we hired a speed boat for the day and spent 9 hours exploring the coastline, snorkelling, diving off the boat, dancing, drinking champagne and generally pretending we were celebrities! The photo above is taken at a gorgeous beach restaurant we visited on an island off Ibiza for lunch. Sunkissed, wind swept and still rocking up and down (from the waves!) we got dressed up and went off to Pacha, one of the best clubs on the island. My flight was at 9am the next morning but spontaneously I just decided I was having too much of a great time to return to rainy UK and missed it! It felt crazy and naughty but life is just too short, and that will definitely be a day I will remember for ever.

My next day to remember will be Saturday 1st October, which will be my last weekend in London. I am going to plan something memorable with all my friends.

So being playful……where will this take me this month I wonder? Life overall is really just one big game and playing full out is when you are living it to the full. I think I might like to play little games each week, little challenges that will be fun. As I have a touch of holiday blues right now I think this week’s game will be to do something holiday related every day. Something that will make me smile and feel like I am still on my hols.

If you have any idea of games I could play until the end of September I would love to hear them…..and would love it even more if you would like to join in!!

Let the games begin…..


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