A Week of Positive Energy!

I’m just back from an impromptu child minding session, with the intention of being giving I am finding that I never know what will pop up next where I might be of some help! I’ve had a lovely week focusing on others rather than myself. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in life and what I am doing, I consciously am having to keep reminding myself to put “me” to one side! That sounds awful doesn’t it, but true.

This really has been a week filled with positive energy; on Monday I had an angel reiki session which was a very positive experience, Thursday we had a full moon and then Friday was of course 11.11.11., which I wrote about in my other blog The Confidence Coach Report. We also had Remembrance Sunday which I find so moving to think of everyone in the country collectively paying respect to those in the armed forces. When the whole country goes into silence, sending out thoughts of love and gratitude it’s bound to have an impact.

Did you try out the diary with a twist that I wrote about last week? I did, it was lovely, especially writing about a time in the past that was really special for you. I remembered a perfect day in Koh Tao Thailand almost couple of years ago, it really was one I will never forget and it was lovely to recapture those happy memories.

A few things that have inspired me this week around my intention of being giving are:

  1. A free Orange mobile phone app called Do Some Good. Basically the idea is that we’d all like to help but sometimes time and money can hold us back. With this app you can help in just a few minutes. For example you can donate photographs to a photo bank called Photo Foundations which charities can then use for free instead of having to buy stock photography. Alternatively you can share your pearls of wisdom to to support and motivate young people. There are all sorts of things you can do and it really doesn’t take very long.
  2. Yesterday was National Kindness Day, the idea of it being for everyone in the UK to do a random act of kindness for someone else. Again a great idea and the intention of so much kindness is bound to send some positive energy out to the world.
  3. My mum has inspired me! Everything she does is giving and kind, I don’t think I have ever met anyone who puts others before themselves as much as she does. I am very lucky to have her as a mother!
I had a moment a couple of days ago where I was so caught up in the all things I need money for that I wasn’t going to buy a poppy. I walked past the person selling them and started to feel awful as I was walking up to the beach. It was a lovely warm sunny day, the waves were rolling in like they do in Australia, and I should have felt very peaceful but I didn’t. I thought how can my intention be giving when I am not even buying a poppy?! It wasn’t even that I didn’t want to, it was simply  that I only had so much cash in my purse and I had already allocated in my mind to spend on other things.


Of course I ended up going all the way home to get money, then going out again to buy one. Silly but it highlighted was an impact money can have, lack of it can stop us from being generous and giving. However as I said last week you really don’t need much to give to others; it can simply be an act of kindness, your attention, a kind word or donating some of your time.

It also highlighted the power of intention, if I had not been focused on being giving this month would I have even given it a second thought…..
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