Raw Food, Banana Beer and the Dulux dog!

As a result of doing things differently I am feeling energised, very clear headed, centred and more toned! This is partly due to the new hot yoga I have been doing every day but also from eating raw food all week. One of our Facebook group followers, Heart of Prosperity, mentioned to me on Monday about eating raw food, so I thought why the hell not I haven’t done that before so set my self the challenge to only eat fresh uncooked food all week.

I can’t say it’s been easy, on Wednesday after an intense yoga session with a slight hangover I came out craving bad food. Before I knew it I found myself in the queue at MacDonalds convincing myself it was ok to have a cheeseburger and chips, no one need know! It took all my will power and determination for this challenge to walk back out the door and make do with my coconut water and salad. However I am feeling amazing now, lighter, needing less sleep and I definitely feel like I have lost some weight.

I have been listening to music I have not heard before all week. A few CD’s I have played are; The Editors, ¬†White Stripes, Damien Rice and my 2 best of the bunch were Turin Brakes and Francoise Hardy. I really enjoy discovering music however I am also a bit of a sucker also for songs I know and love, I guess I didn’t know them once though either!

Tuesday night, hence the slight hangover, I went out with a couple of friends for drinks and when they asked me what I wanted to drink I said “surprise me”. I ended up getting Banana beer and then Strawberry beer……both yummy, especially the Banana one, but not drinks I could drink all night. They’re very sweet! It was fun though and we all got chatting about how when going out we all have our “usual” tipples we just order with out thinking.

I run a networking group in Clapham called More to Life and as it happens the girls who run the site posted a challenge for everyone this week to buy a magazine they had never read before. So of course I immediately ran out to the shops…..and bought a cookery mag! BBC Easy Cook! There are some really delicious sounding recipes in there which I am going to cook next week after my week of “raw”.

On Friday I braced myself and went to to a different hairdresser, I have been to the same one for about 7 years – he’s the best! This was so hard and actually it wasn’t the best experience! My hair is ok but not quite the same…..but at least I tried! Hairdressers are funny things, once you find a great one it is good to hold on to them I think.

Finally in a bid to do something totally different I visited the Dashing Dog Show at Kensington Palace on Saturday!!! I can honestly say I have never visited a dog show being allergic to the animals and slightly scared of some of them…..but do love them all the same. It was so much fun and the BEST thing happened!! I met the Dulux dog!






And some rather lovely other dogs too:








Something I have noticed this week is that I have not done any art since my intention to be creative in May. I was loving it and really thought I would carry on but now I am loving my doing things differently. It just goes to show that without an intention it’s easy to let things you like or want to do slip by.


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