Would You Have Any Regrets?

If I was to die tomorrow I would die a very happy person. I have done everything up to now on my wish list, what an amazing feeling this is!

It’s a question I think that is important to keep in mind, would you regret anything if you were to die tomorrow? Maybe slightly morbid but life can be taken at any second so I feel it’s important to make the most of each moment of your life.

Of course this doesn’t mean I am going to sit back and do nothing now! There are plenty more things I would like to do. To begin with I want to see my business, Create Yourself, a huge success in helping many people create positive changes in their lives. I’m busy re-branding the website, booking networking meetings in Brighton and I start teaching yoga on Saturday 13th October in a centre called Revitalise. All very exciting……

The move here was emotional, of course a lot of excited anticipation but also a degree of sadness leaving my family and friends over near Bournemouth. I am grateful every day for the people I have in my life.

My first week has been very similar to when I arrived in India. I have been walking around elated with a big smile on my face but also wishing slightly that I had someone here to share it with. Those flutters of doubt wondering if it’s all going to work out and feeling a little alone. From past experience I know it will and these feelings will pass, just as everything does. I really love it here!

My intention at the moment is FAITH and PATIENCE. Faith that I am being looked after, guided and what ever happens it’s all going to work out just as it’s meant to be. Patience, enjoying each moment, enjoy the journey rather than racing ahead to the destination. Patience waiting a month for home broadband, patience creating a new website, patience in watching my yoga class grow, patience in my own yoga practice, patience in creating new friendships, patience in creating money……see how useful patience can be 🙂

As soon as my new site it set up I will continue to write my blog on there. This journey was really for my year long experiment with intention and the next stage of that is to write it up as a book. I’ll keep you updated when the switch over will be!

Namaste xx

(The light within me acknowledges the light within you)




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