Simplifying Life

photo (32)As I am writing this I have a little fluffy cat hiding in her new den under my bed, Fluff has come to stay! Whilst her other mother is midst house move Fluff is having a beach holiday.

What’s been interesting to notice is that all the healing I have been having around my asthma and cat allergies is paying off. I have not taken my inhaler or rubbed my eyes once since she’s been here. I really believe the love I have for her counteracts any allergies.

Speaking of asthma though, I received a reminder yesterday how serious it can be if not taken control of. The lady who runs the cats shelter that I volunteer at is dying after a very serious attack, yesterday her family were getting ready to have to turn off her life support machine. She was only in her early 40s. I find it shocking that asthma can still be so life threatening with all the medication and alternative help there is now. I am so so grateful for being able to heal mine.

It’s always there lurking, when I least expect it I can find my self wheezing but I have learnt to calm myself down and tell myself “I am safe”. For me asthma is about fear, fear of not being able to breathe and dying. So repeating “I am safe, there is enough air” and doing some tapping (EFT) on it, really does calm my system down.

I am on the start of another journey, a journey even deeper in to yoga. It feels like the right time as it’s becoming more and more of my way of life. I have started to have 1-1 sessions with the wonderful Hilary MacRae. We had our first session this week where she created a personal yoga practice for me based on my Ayurvedic dosha and my shoulder and lower back injuries.

The Ayurvedic doshas are 3 vital energies that are responsible for all the physiological and psychological processes in your body. They each contain two elements as follows:

Pitta = Fire & Water

Vatta = Air & Ether

Kaphan = Earth & Water

We have all of these elements in our body but usually have a predominant one. Mine is Pitta which means I generate a lot of heat, am active, my colouring is fair and a very alert focused mind. Other Pitta qualities are; ambition, concentration, confidence, courage, enthusiasm for knowledge , happiness and intelligence. (taken from The Book of Ayurdeva by Judith H Morrison.)

Pitta personalities are generally drawn towards more active and heat building yoga, such as Vinyasa Flow which is what I teach and practice. However it’s all about balance so actually Hilary explained it will be more helpful for me to practice much slower, breath and inward focused yoga. The practice she has given me is full of forward bends, there are no sun salutations or inversions at all!

This is a challenge for me, I do love my sun salutations and shoulder/head stands! I also like to feel like I am working hard. I know though it is good for me, just after a couple of days doing it as soon as I get up I can see how it grounds me and calms my mind for the day ahead.

Next week I am going to do a mung bean soup fast to then be able to really pay attention afterwards when I start to introduce new foods, noticing the effect they have on me. I eat a healthy vegetarian diet anyway but even with that it doesn’t mean all foods are good for my system.

It’s exciting! Looking back over my intentions that I set at the beginning of the year, this fits perfectly into my one “I am Divine health”. I love it when you have a goal in your consciousness it can start to evolve and happen naturally with out you realising it sometimes.

The practice Hilary has given me is so simple it’s highlighted how I cram so much stuff into my days and mind… my intention this week is BE SIMPLE. Just slowing down and simplifying my time. This feels good, and a bit challenging!

“The Simple Path
Silence is Prayer
Prayer is Faith
Faith is Love
Love is Service
The Fruit of Service is Peace”
Mother Teresa

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend.

Namaste x

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