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Rubbish down the mountain side in Mcleod Ganj

There is a week long street cleaners strike in Brighton and Hove at the moment, this means the city is covered in rubbish. It’s piling up, smelling and being blown around by the gusty sea wind. It makes you realise how much work goes into keeping our streets clean and how we take that for granted.

One of the girls at my yoga class last night mentioned it’s like being back in India. How true! Although it’s completely covered in litter all the time there though, they have no concept of bins. When I was staying in Mcleod Ganj for a couple of months my “land lady” just told me to chuck my rubbish down the mountain?!! Of course I didn’t.

We are so incredibly lucky to live in a country that does usually have relatively clean streets.

Anyway that’s enough about rubbish 🙂

In my last post I wrote about starting doing neti each morning, which is a nasal cleansing process of flushing your nose out which salt water each morning. Considering it’s peak hayfever time and my bed is covered in cats hair (I have had a fluffy visitor for 5 weeks) I am not taking my usual nasal spray at all. Admittedly every now and then I do get a sneezing fit but I do feel like it’s making a big difference. It feels kind of cathartic too, cleansing with salt water each morning.

The sugar detox  is incredibly hard, I have noticed that when I feel a bit down or in need of cheering up that is when I think of cake! Sweet things = treats in my mind, treats that make me feel happier. I think many of us were probably bought up like that, given something sweet after going through something less than pleasant. I remember always having an ice finger bun after going to the dentists! I really hated the dentist.

I was chatting to my yoga mentor yesterday about it, she suggested every now and then having a “treat” when I felt really good to break the thought process of only seeing it as something to give me a lift. Love that, any excuse to have a slice of cake 🙂

Often when you allow yourself to do something, you find you don’t actually want it any more. It’s when you tell yourself you can’t, it becomes all you can think of.

I have been finding some honey on a rice cake or a handful of sultana’s has been doing the job though. It’s all just a case of time when changing habits. I used to love pick and mix sweets but now I wouldn’t go near them, to me now they are just pure sugar and will make me feel awful afterwards.

Right now my intention is TRUST. I am using the Louise Hay affirmation:

“I trust the process of life. All I need is always taken care of. I am safe”.

This is come from my lower back starting to hurt. The area of your lower back can relate to unbalance in money and relationships. Which is exactly where mine is. I am single and working for myself means money can go through it’s ups and downs. My three favourite intentions that really help to give me comfort when I feel out of sorts in these areas are:


Trust, it is all working out perfectly.

Patience, it is all happening in perfect timing.

Faith, that there is a higher purpose for my life, I am loved and I am being looked after.

Trusting allows me to relax and go with the flow. We can’t force what we want in our life to happen, in fact when we try to do that we can just push it further away.

How many times have you worried about something in the past to look back now and see what it all worked out perfectly in the end?

Things are working out, even if we just can’t see it yet.

Namaste xxx

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Enjoy! xxx

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