Space & Time

Wow it’s been a long time since I last wrote! After our wonderful wedding and honeymoon last year life suddenly got very busy, workwise and energetically I’ve had some big adjustments to process. The transition from living on my own to being a wife and a stepmother has been huge! Added in both of our work lives became very full and I have been trying to get my head above water ever since. I am really in awe of all you full time mothers out there!

Hence my intention currently of “Space”. My daily mantra is “I have all the space I need, there is enough time”. I even have it set as a daily reminder in my phone.

In my efforts to get everything done for my business, give Neil my attention, make time to fully be with the girls when they come round and keep in touch with my friends & family I have sometimes found myself depleted. I really feel blessed to have all I have in my life now, (all I have manifested through intention) but sometimes I’ve felt pulled apart in all directions. Self care has been crucial and my daily yoga practice. It’s been easy some days to tell myself there isn’t enough time for this and to just dive into work, but on those days I’ve really noticed a difference of not just allowing myself to just stop and connect with myself.

If you are relating to any of this at all and would like to join me in creating some space here are a few things that I am finding work for me:

  1. Morning ritual is crucial (or evening if you feel that works better for you). Whether it’s sitting with a cup of hot lemon and ginger and journaling, doing a physical yoga practice (10 mins – 1 hour what is possible) or sitting doing some breathing exercises and meditation. Something that just helps me to connect before starting the day. It’s from this time my inspiration and gratitude for the day bubbles up.
  2. Walking slowly. When I catch myself speed walking around to get from A to B and stop and slow. I take in all that is around me and breathe deeply. I might sync my steps to breathe in as I walk for 4 and out for 4.
  3. Make time to go and sit outside even for 20 minutes, and just be. Not reading, making a call, doing some work but just sitting quietly outside.
  4. If I have been sitting at my computer for a while making the effort to move around, and stretch.
  5. Catching myself when I am rushing, noticing when I am tensing and consciously relaxing that area.
  6. When we have the girls for the weekend, I have discovered it’s important to take myself away for an hour or two if possible. Whether it’s to do a yoga class or meet a friend. I need me time while they are there so then when I go back I can really enjoy being fully present with them.
  7. Avoiding saying yes to everything and making sure I have planned space in my diary so I don’t over commit. I am a planner so I actually plan now to have free weekends!
  8. Being present. Being in a relationship is such a mirror, it reflects back at you all the things you love and dislike about yourself! As much as I practice being in the moment, I catch myself when I am with Neil still thinking about work or what I am going to do next. Right now my practice with him is being with him 100% when we are together. It’s so easy to slip out of this when you live with someone and have been together for a while.
  9. When you really really want to do something there is always time and energy. So looking at what is draining you an as much as possible cutting that out or at least minimising it for now until you can, then treating yourself to something that does lift you after you have done it.

Since creating space my desire for writing this is bubbling up again and I still so want to write a book, the intention is still there I’ve just been taken on a few side trips. Life flows that way sometimes. So you can expect to hear from me a bit more now sharing on living life with intention!


Louise x



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