A Trust Amendment to my Last Post

Since writing my last post I have been feeling a little unsettled about writing that I can’t trust people here. Yes there are a few people who may want to take a bit more money from me but there are also some amazingly lovely kind hearted people here who genuinely want to help.

In fact as you travel around here by public transport, in the mayhem of the local bus stations you just get pushed on to the right bus for you. People just ask where you are going and then help you get there.

Another example if when paying for things. In this country no one ever has change. I am not sure why they issue 500 rupee notes because no one ever wants to accept them. Over the past week about 5 seperate vendors or waiters have had no change for me so accepted less than the full amount I owed and asked me to just bring it back later. They simply trusted me to bring the rest of the money back later on! Me, a stranger, someone who is just passing through for a few days, still they trusted me. Then here I am saying I can’t always trust them!

Saying I can’t trust everyone here is just how I am where ever I am in life. I don’t always trust people. I trust my close friends and family but not always anyone else 100%. I have had experience of people lying to me and letting me down (as most people have) which has resulted in me being a little wary of others. Simply, I don’t always believe people will do what they say they will do. That’s ok though, it’s up to them.

I’ll never forget the first time I went travelling, I was 17 and I went inter railing around Europe with two friends. Our parents drilled it down to us so much not to trust people that when a friendly railway conductor tried to lead us on to the correct platform we all ran away from him as soon as his back was turned!!! He was only trying to help!

So that is my confession and my amendment to the last post. I still can’t say I will trust everyone, I do have a healthy sense of someone who may be unsafe but I will give it a go to be a little more trusting of others! We’ll see how it goes…..

Namaste 🙂


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