Trust Life = Let Go Of The Mind

The past week has all been about relaxing, mainly due to the fact my friend Polly is here for a 10 day holiday away from busy London. We started off in a beautiful sleepy village called Mandrem in North Goa. Nothing really to do there apart from eat, sleep, lie on the beach and do yoga. Bliss.

To add to the perfection of the place to help Polly relax we found a brilliant yoga teacher called Steve who ran Hatha yoga classes with a Zen influence, so they were like a 2 hour mediation session. The theme was to relax! Perfect.

At one stage he had us pretending to be banana’s. It was funny! He got us to lay down with our legs and arms to the right and said “Be a banana” “Don’t try to be a banana, a banana does not try, just be a banana”, “It’s nice being a banana”. We couldn’t help but giggle, I think that was the point to lighten the air, but it was kind of nice being a banana too 🙂

Interestingly though along with my intention about TRUST, in each class he spoke about “To trust life means to let go of the mind”. Which is so true. We get so caught up in the mind, worrying about how things will work out, which way they will turn. To really trust is to let go of these kind of thoughts, which only wind us up.

Also along the intention of trust I had a few vivid dreams this week all along the theme of getting trapped in a situation. I have a real fear of getting trapped in something I don’t want, mainly because I hate to let other people down. It really panics me and if I feel like I maybe getting trapped into something I don’t want I have to get out of it as soon as I can. I was pondering why I was suddenly dreaming this and came up with a new mantra…….”I trust my self to get out of anything I am not happy in”. After all I can quite easily get out of anything and I am not really trapped in the first place. It’s all in my mind.

As for trusting life, things are working out just perfectly out here. Vicky the girl I have met out here is going to do the yoga teacher training with me. It’s going to be so fun! I have until Monday on the beach when I am off to Mumbai, then Rajasthan. I am really looking forward to doing some more travelling now after all this lazing around on the beaches. Although it has been rather lovely!

I’ll leave you with a rather smart cow and a lovely sunset!

Namaste xx

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