Washing Up and The Artist’s Way



A few weeks ago I went on a course called Embodiment Training for Coaches it was basically to learn techniques of gaining self awareness through how you move your body which I can now use with my clients. As a result of it I set my self a challenge to wash up really slowly from there on. Not one of my most fun challenges I have to admit!

Why did I do this? Our of all the natural elements my personality type is mainly AIR which means I am often caught up in my mind, I value freedom, inspiration and creativity, and I float around at a fairly fast pace a lot of the time :-). This is one of the reason I love yoga so much as it brings me in to balance, slows me down, gets me into my body and completely calms every part of my being. Mark Walsh , the course trainer, suggested the practice of washing up slowly is like a meditation and good to get you back into your body, connected with the earth.

Wow what a challenge it has been, I hate washing up, the water gets too hot and my hands get really dry. I can’t say I am washing up completely slowly every day now but I am definitely bring awareness to it, each time I consciously feel the water and my feet on the ground. For those few moments of washing up I become present, purely focused on what I am doing right here and now. It’s spilled in to other areas of my life and I catch myself when I am too caught up in a head spin then consciously slow myself down.

Still not impressed with the dry hands though! Someone really should invent an oil based washing up liquid. 🙂

As a result of my last intention, FUN, I took some time off last week. I decided I had been in front of my laptop way too much and as the weather was so beautiful at the start of the week I stayed longer than expected with my parents, after going back there for a wedding. It was so lovely to spend 4 days in the sunshine on the beach, just to feel the sun on my face and listen to the waves was exactly what I needed. REALLY looking forward to Springtime now, it’s so close….

The amazing thing that happens when you do things that bring you joy is that other unexpected stuff occurs. I had more enquiries and bookings last week than I had had in ages!

A few day’s ago I started a 12 week course called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I have set up an Inspirational Book Club in Brighton and this is the book we are now reading together. It’s not just any old book through, it requires daily action to unlock your creative spirit that is inside you.

There are 2 main activities that you have to do;

Morning Pages – writing 3 sides of paper as soon as you get up in the morning, simply what ever comes out of your head.

A weekly artists date – you have to take yourself off each week on your own to do something to nurture your creativity, that inspires you and is fun.

I had my first artists date this weekend, I went to a little art’s cinema in Brighton and watched a documentary on the history of modern yoga called “The Breath of The Gods”. It was really fascinating and also lovely to see India again, where it was filmed.

There is something really lovely about taking yourself off to do something just for you that is fun and uplifting. I also found on my walk home some really fun stickers to stick all over my morning pages….I do love stickers, it’s the kid part of me coming out.

I find that writing as soon as I wake up is a great way to off load thoughts, dreams, pray and to clarify my intention for the day ahead. It’s actually rather funny attempting to write down dreams; they seem to make sense at the time but on paper they jump around and are so completely random.

Each week there are also exercises to do to help you rediscover and connect with your creative side. During the first week we are to look into our past for the people/events that go in the way of our creativity, and the people/events who supported it.

Reflecting in this way it’s not surprising that after my first year of university I stopped doing art altogether. Over the years I had been told I couldn’t spell, I couldn’t sing, I was given low marks for my art a level (which was for a piece of art I was really proud of) and I didn’t get into art school.

It wasn’t all bad though, I had a brilliant A Level Communications teacher who really supported me, she encouraged me to produce a programme for the college play, Cabaret, and create a display in the college foyer promoting it. I loved it, I was in my element and as a result my highest A level mark was in this subject.

My parents have always supported me too, they have my art hung on their wall at home and for Christmas my father gave me a canvas print of  my A Level art piece! It’s now hanging on my lounge wall as a reminder that I can paint and STUFF all those silly teachers from my past.

Some teachers have a lot to answer for…..

Since starting this Journey of Intention, with the first month being creativity, I have begun to really unlock this part of me. In fact I have realised that it never left me, it’s just come out in other guises.

Over the past few months I have had an increasing desire to paint something again, so my intention now is to paint a new canvas to hang in my lounge by the end of the 12 week course. I can’t wait.

Our creative side is part of each and every one of us. We are here to create;  our lives, our relationships, our dreams and who we are being in each and every moment.

In fact we are CREATION.

….and this is my intention, being creative in every part of my life.

I love these affirmations from the Artist’s Way:

“My creativity heals myself and others”

“My creativity always leads me to truth and love”

“I am willing to be of service through my creativity”

What are you going to create this week?



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