Our new website, silence and a flowing river.

I am very excited to be able to show you our new website!! When I was away one of my intentions was to re create Create in a way that is truly authentic to who I am now and all I have learnt over the past few years so that I can help people in a holistic way, that is most beneficial for each individual, and here we are;  our shiny new site

I am also proud to be able to say I have made the site all my self as my lovely business partner Michael has been away and super busy with his IT business. We did have the help of a great designer though to create the logo, which I love! It’s been a real experience in trusting myself that I can do it and not having to ask for too much help 🙂

Wow well what has been happening since I last wrote. Over the past 3 and a bit weeks since the energy healing with the Slovenian couple I have only taken my inhaler once, that was last night when went to see my cat. I am going to cure my asthma and I feel like I am very nearly there I just need to also cure my allergy to cats! I believe this can be done with my mind and Emotional Freedom Technique. Allergies are simply your unconscious thinking your body is under attack, which is related to some past trauma.  I am determined to get to the bottom of why I feel under threat when I am around something I love so much…..Fluff, my cat! For those who don’t know me, Fluff is still living with her other mother, Polly, in London where I used to live, thankfully I still get to see her regularly. Even though I relented and took a puff of my inhaler last night I still only took one and did not get itchy eyes at all. I am going to look after Fluff for 4 nights in a couple of weeks so have the intention to cure it by then.

I went to an Eckhart Tolle study group after I last wrote, in which he was speaking about the benefits of spending time in nature and becoming present to it’s silence. He described the silence a thick forest holds and how once you get past the judgements of your thoughts working out what all the sounds are you can then become one with the silence with in, and around you. To hear the silence you have to become silent yourself.

Spending time connecting with nature like this, paying attention to it’s silence helps you to become fully present and in touch with the greatness of the universe around you. If you are unable to get out in nature Tolle suggests you start by simply paying attention to your breath. We are nature, our bodies are nature. The fact that we breath naturally shows this. To find our own silence with in, again we have to become silent first.

This really resonated with me with my intention to cure my asthma as each day when I have felt a little short of breath I continue to tell myself “I can breathe, I am safe”. Breathing is something we take for granted, it’s only when you have had problems with it that you really appreciate how amazing it is to be able to take a breath and feel grateful.

Gratitude, I have started to keep a gratitude journal again. I used to do this a while back but the habit slipped. Each night I aim to write about 50 things that I have been grateful for that day…..it’s wonderful how the more you look into it the more you find.

On Saturday night I went to the Brighton Buddhist centre to a dance event called Dancitation, it was brilliant. It felt so good to be dancing like crazy on a Saturday night with not a touch of alcohol in sight, just pure self expression and freedom to move how ever you wanted too.

Last week I was really challenged, every day I had something pretty frustrating happening, it was a bit of a roller coaster of a week. At the end of it I wrote down everything that had happened to look for what the universe was trying to teach me. What I saw was they were all tests in standing up for myself in a space of love. I could have got mad quite a few times but my intention was to communicate with love and reviewing the week made me realise that on each occasion it all worked out perfectly. I also came to a great sense of “what will be will be” and surrendering need for control. Letting go and trusting the flow of life.

And finally….I went to see the rather gorgeous Dr David Hamilton talk about his new book “Is Your Life Mapped Out?”. He gave a wonderful analogy of life being like a river, you are in a little paddling boat and the direction you paddle in is based on your intentions and goals. However the river also has a current, sometimes weak sometimes strong. Sometimes it will take you in the direction you are paddling but other times it feels like you are working hard to get upstream. The key to life is to let go of expectations and allow yourself to be taken where the river flows. Sometimes you will end up in a place you never expected which then may lead you on to what you dreamed of anyway and other times your new destination is even better than what you hoped for.


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