A Week of Learning and a New Challenge!

Wow, what a week I have had doing my NLP Practioner. We’ve learnt a whole tool kit of techniques to create change, it’s really powerful stuff and I am excited to have these to add to my current coaching skills. In line with my intention for this month, being honest, I used my occasional difficulty with bringing things up/confrontation as something to work on using one of the techniques.

I created a representation in my mind of a situation where I felt that feeling of wanting to say something but struggling to say it. Then I created a representation of where I find it easy to say what’s on my mind and felt the feeling of confidence I get in those situations. Then we used a technique to transfer those confident feelings over to the times where I might need them. It really was amazing how I could physically feel the switch of feelings from one to the other.

There are lots of different techniques that create shifts like that and I am really looking forward to using them to help my clients create change. NLP, as well as regular life coaching, gives you choice on how you feel, behave and live your life.

It’s been great being in London for a couple of weeks too, I love it here at Christmas time. The photo this week is from Oxford Street, can you spot the full moon?!

I have been thinking how I can make this week into a bit of an “honesty” challenge and the plan is to tell someone how I feel about them every day. Someone different each day. People I don’t tell regularly. I think there are people in my life who are very clear how much they mean to me and then some others that perhaps I have not communicated it to enough. Those are the people I am going to pick.

Are you going to join in the challenge with me?


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