A Week of Silence & Letting Go

I have just finished a week of abstinence from reading, watching TV and very much limited usage of Facebook. This was all part of doing the course “The Artist’s Way” which helps to ignite your creative spirit and remove any blocks that have been getting in the way.

Although I don’t own a TV, purely to avoid wasting too much time watching rubbish I do end up watching things on my laptop. Living on my own it’s my way of switching off after a days work. I am aware of it just numbing my mind though most of the time. Having a break left me in silence. There were a few nights when I came in and just sat there thinking.

This was actually quite nice!

Then I got it together to make my own greetings cards from some of my photos and to convert some of my favourite shots to blow up canvas prints.

The creativity began…..

Prior to this break I had found myself being very distracted through out the day, my mind spinning with all I needed to do and then I would find myself caught up in the black hole of Facebook. I think it’s a great site but boy can it waste time. Over the week’s break I have allowed myself to log on quickly to pick up messages but that’s been it. What a break it’s been and I have been so productive work wise!

I have missed reading, I get my inspiration from all the books I have in my flat. It has led me to find other ways to spend my time though. On Monday night instead of coming straight home after teaching my yoga class I stayed on to try a different type of yoga. This was my “Artists date” for the week, another part of the course.

The class was very different from the yoga I normally do, it was very slow really feeling each muscle and area of fascia moving in under the skin mm by mm. We basically did squats in various ways for 2 hours long. I felt like John Wayne walking home, but it did feel good!

Out of my week off my ideas started to flow into my morning pages, the journal we are asked to keep as soon as we wake up, and a new day workshop to include life coaching and yoga was created. I am feeling really excited about it, it’s going to be amazing combining the two together.

I am a big fan of digital detox’s, as those of you who have been following my blog will know, I even ran a retreat in the Caribbean last year purely based around this! Even though the initial switch off can be quite hard, as we are all so used to immediate contact with the outside world, it really does free your mind up to be fully in the present moment. Once the constant barrage of information ceases your mind is freed up to think creatively and peacefully.

My life in Brighton is completely taking off now! My business is really flowing, my yoga classes are growing, the workshops I have run have been full…it’s completely blowing my mind. It’s even more proof for me that following your dream and doing what you love is the best way to live your life.

I will of course still be writing my blog and living my life with intention, doing so has led me to where I am at right now after all! If you would like to experience the magic of living with intention then I have extended my offer for my Journey of Intention e-course. Once you have signed up you will receive a different intention in to your inbox every week to focus on and also an extra weekly email with an affirmation to keep it in mind.

It’s a lot of fun…..and who knows what you may create out of it!

Lastly the latest development is that I have joined a dating site…..Spring has sprung and I fancy getting out on some dates. After all I can’t live by the sea and not have anyone to go for romantic walks with can I? 🙂

I often resist dating sites as I am a romantic and like the idea of chance meetings in the street…..which actually has happened quite a few times for me but it’s just never been very successful. So here we go, another journey ahead……

My intention this week is LET GO! This is based around the lunar eclipse on Thursday which symbolises a time for letting go, healing and TRANSFORMATION! YAY! For me this means just allowing myself to BE. To let go of any attachments and just allow myself into a space of emptiness. I have been practising this with my yoga this week, just getting into each asana and then dropping into silence. It’s not as easy as it sounds but the intention is there.

Have a great week and enjoy this lovely sunshine!





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