This Week’s Full Moon Challenge Alert!!!

Yesterday Eva Takacs (from The Vent Service) and I  created a challenge for us both to have fun with this week. To be honest I needed to lift my spirits a bit and thought back to our last weekly challenges we had a few months ago which were so much fun! A weekly challenge gives you a focus and highlights that life is all a game, you can choose how you play it and can shake things up when ever you feel like it.

The challenge we have set is to ditch making too many plans this week, consciously bring our minds into the present moment, allow ourselves to be spontaneous, be in the flow and to give up any expectations on the outcome of anything.

After we had set the challenge I realised it’s a full moon tomorrow…..and this is the moon for being spontaneous! The Aries moon brings about a lot of activity and change, it’s a turning point for the year for letting go of restrictions and creating a life of flexibility with passion.

EXCITING! This is the perfect time for our week’s challenge.

Anyone want to join in? If so please do so and we would love to hear how you got on by commenting on this blog.

Have fun!



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