Welcoming In The New Year Being Present


Did you have fun? I had a brilliant New Years Eve with friends, and was totally blown away by the fireworks in London. Amazing!

As 2011 drew to a close so did my month of “being honest”, that’s not to say I am suddenly going to start lying now how ever!! I think what it really translated to more was being open. The posts I wrote where I was being fully open received the most reactions I have had so far in my journey. I think by fully sharing what is going on for you it touches others and perhaps helps a few people some how. I know when I have heard other people stories I have also learnt something about myself and my journey through life.

I found each time I was really open about something, that was uncomfortable for me to say, I received an unexpected surprise, a reaction I had not imagined would happen. It’s been brilliant!

So what’s next…..my intention for January is to be present. That is to be fully in the present moment rather than distracted by thoughts and multi tasking. Some ideas how I am going to do this are:

  • Minimise use of technology this month. I am doing the digital detox next week in the Caribbean where I will be switched off for 6 days but also will allow a couple of hours each day after then where I don’t go on line.
  • Each day I will spend an hour outdoors fully appreciating everything that is around me.
  • Each day, apart from when in the Caribbean, I will light a candle and spend a few minutes just watching the flame.
  • I will eat my food slowly, appreciating each mouthful and will not watch TV whilst doing it!
  • Every day I am going to write down what I am grateful for that day.
  • Every day I will play a song I love, I will just sit and listen to it, or perhaps dance 🙂
  • When I meet up with friends I am going to turn my phone off.

Writing this is making me feel very excited about the month ahead, it’s going to be lovely!!

If you’d like to join in with a month of being present too please comment on this post and share your ideas on how you are going to do it too!



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