What I have learnt from a month of “Being Creative”!

I just got back from stumbling across the International Contemporary Art Show. I set out to walk through London and find some art somewhere, and hey presto there it was! It really is amazing how when you set your intention for something you suddenly start to notice it more! It’s on until 20th August on Great Marlborough st, just behind Oxford St, if you fancy checking it out. Here are a few pieces of art that caught my eye!













This reminded me of our garden shed where ! grew up and used to use as my “club house” with my friends!



This one was all made out of badges!




This is my last post on “Being Creative”! I can’t believe how quickly the month has passed. So what have I learnt from focusing on creativity for a month?

  1. Keeping an intention for a whole month does require some discipline and the need for constant reminders of it. It’s very easy when you are busy to just get caught up in that and let things slide.
  2. The discipline is worth it though! The times when I forced myself to do at least a little bit of art, to write a few lines or to go look at some art I quickly got immersed into it again.
  3. Once a week taking myself on an “artist’s date” was FUN! When I was younger I sometimes would get a bit impatient looking around art galleries, I didn’t understand how people can just stare at a picture for ages. I can still be a little like that but this time I took the approach of using the visits as research to discover the type of art I liked. I love landscapes, impressionism, brightly coloured Pop Art and graffiti! Aside from looking at art just going out on a Sunday and doing something different, walking around the streets of London and looking for inspiration was uplifting and a great end to the week.
  4. I have been putting off actually doing some art for years, I bought a sketchpad and oil pastels about 7 years ago and they’ve just been sat in my drawer ever since. The reason mainly has been staring at a blank page and not knowing what to do next. Thinking it would be rubbish and I would just get frustrated. Anyway this month has forced just to do something despite all this annoying chatter in my head putting me off! Surprisingly it didn’t turn out too bad and I really enjoyed it. It’s a great way to switch off, I actually found it a bit like a meditation. It’s not all that great, as you can see to above but even so it was fun to do!
  5. I found the easiest way to get started with some art was just to choose something, usually a photo, that I liked and then copy it. Sometimes I would add something to it or take something (usually that was too hard to do!) away but it was a good way just to get going. Collage is also a great thing to do if drawing something puts you off, just cutting out bits from magazines and gluing them on doesn’t seem do daunting somehow!
  6. The writing of the love stories for some reason has been a little harder, I have loved collecting them and when I do get into the zone of writing the tales up I have enjoyed it. I think I am just maybe a little more nervous about if they will be good enough, if they will give the stories justice and how creative should I get with the bare facts I have been given? I am still going to finish the book though as I have some fantastic stories which are an inspiration for anyone looking for the man/woman of their dreams! When it’s finished I will post it on here as an ebook.
  7. There is art and inspiration everywhere. I found as I was focusing on creativity and taking interesting photos I noticed more and more of it where ever I looked, which is exactly what happened today when I discovered the show. Anything can be turned into an interesting photo with the right angle and effect. The iPhone has some really cool apps to make photo taking easy and fun, I recommend Camera + as it has loads of great effects you can add to a photo. Here are a few more pic’s I have taken this week:







Selfridges have a Project Ocean campaign at the moment to help us to understand the threats of the ocean and make the right choices about the right fish to buy and eat. Their store windows are brilliant!













Something else that has inspired me; Rio de Janeiro’s Cantalago Favela has been turned into an art gallery, by 20 pieces of commissioned street art. It aims to reflect the life of the people who live there and give the residents who live there a voice. Love it!

And finally I am going to leave you with one of the love stories I have collected:

Luke and Beth

Beth was a militant atheist, she was known for her feistiness and outspoken ways. She was happily single, living on her own and working as an X-Ray nurse.

Luke was peaceful kind and loving, he was also a devout monk….that is until the day he decided he would quite like to share his life with someone and start a family.

On the 25th July 1975 after a particularly difficult meeting with the abbot, explaining why he wanted to leave the monastery, Luke jumped on his bike and cycled out of the monastery a free man.

It was a beautiful sunny day, the type where people drop what they are doing to have picnics or bbq’s to make the most of the English sunshine. Luke could feel the optimism in the air, and as he cycled he felt excited about the new path ahead of him.

As he was cycling along, whistling away, something caught his eye as he passed a good friend’s house. There scaling a wall and about to break in through a window was a woman with a wild look about her. He pulled his bike up against the gate and shouted up to her “Excuse me? What are you doing?! This is my friend’s house!”

To his surprise the crazy lady shouted down “what does it look like I am doing, are you just going to stand there and watch, or help me break in?!”.

He could not believe his ears, so he jumped back on his bike to peddle off to find a pay phone to call his friend, Peter. After managing to track him down at his holiday house in Wales Peter laughed and reassured Luke not to worry, it sounded like Beth who was “supposed” to be looking after the cats.”

Luke felt awful, he had only left the monastery half an hour earlier and he was already thinking the worst of people. What must she think of him? He asked for her address from Peter so he could go round to apologise.

As soon as Beth opened Luke suddenly felt very conscious she was actually very beautiful, he felt an instant attraction to her. Instead of just apologising on the door step before he knew it he had invited her out for dinner to say sorry for jumping to the wrong conclusions, and was very pleased when she accepted.

The evening was a huge success; they got on like a house on fire considering they had polar religious beliefs. From that night on Luke and Beth spent every day together for 31 years until she sadly died of breast cancer. Luke passed away the following year.

Beth always told people with a hint of sarcasim “He gave up the church and proposed to the first woman he saw!”.

Lesson: Opposites attract, and don’t jump to conclusions!


Next month my intention is to “do things differently”, I am going to consiously do as many things differently as I can in a day. This will include what I eat, what I cook, the routes I walk, the music I listen to, what I do socially and so on. It should be interesting!


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