A wonderful weekend at Colourfest

photo (2)I had such a special experience at Colourfest, a yoga festival, in Dorset last weekend. To start with the weather was perfect for living outdoors for 3 days but that was only a small part along with all the lovely people, yoga sessions, Kirtan, dancing and gong baths….

Gong baths are a new discovery for me and quite possible my new favorite thing! You lie on the floor, close your eyes and allow the vibrations of the HUGE gongs to wash over you. Apparently the vibrations of the gongs match different organs of your body which creates a deep healing and detox.

I definitely experienced this, in a couple of the baths I could literally feel the pain leaving my body by the end of them. I recently had a shoulder injury for about 6 months and was a little concerned when I felt the aches coming back after doing so much yoga & dancing (I tend to fling my arms around a lot!) at the festival. However they have been completely fine after the baths and are feeling great now.

My friend and I were so relaxed after each session we could barely speak let alone move, but yet an hour or so later we felt completely rejuvenated. Needless to say I can’t wait for more gong baths at the next festival (Gaunts House Summer Gathering) I am going to in August.

The theme of Colourfest was love and this was apparent in every yoga session, dance, workshop we did. The message that I picked up on strongly through everything is that you are your own guru, you don’t need to look outside for what you need. You have all the knowledge and wisdom, for what is right for you, with in.

Love starts with self love, until you love and honor yourself how can you fully love another.

The dancing and kirtan we did was all an expression of love, being self expressed, moving spontaneously in what ever way we felt and in that space connecting with each other.

In one of the dances we did on Saturday night all the women got in a circle whilst the men danced in the centre and sent us their masculine energy. Then we reversed it, it felt so good to have the support of the men holding the space around us but then to be sending them feminine energy. I know we, women, have our own strength and can support ourselves perfectly well however there is something primordial when we get back to basics! I think it was also all about acknowledging we have both energies with in us and connecting with that.

I chose to do a digital detox over the 3 days too, how wonderful it was to be without my iphone. As great as they are it was lovely to have a break from emails, texts and Facebook. Every time I do one I remember how important it is to take a break from the constant bombardment of distractions we have every day and have head space just to be. I look forward to running a digital detox retreat myself sometime soon to share this experience with others….so watch this space!

The icing on the cake was jumping into the sea on Monday morning, first swim of the year. Hooray for summertime!

As it’s half way through the year now I am focusing on my intentions I set for the year;

I am abundance

I am divine health

I am love

As I wrote about last week, intention is all about being the goal….so this is who I am being.

Enjoy this wonderful weather!

Namaste xx


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