Becoming a Yogi!

This is my first day off after starting the yoga course in Mcleod Ganj, it’s been quite an intense week! We all meet at 7am for an hours pranyama class, which is different methods of yogic breathing. The techniques are so powerful, I feel balanced, energized but also calm by the end of it.

After the breathing we have a 2 hour ashtanga power yoga course then a chance to eat! Which is a frenzied dash up the 234 something steps to the town to eat as much as possible! Next we have a 3 hour class on how to teach the yoga series of asana’s (postures) and how to correct people once they are in them, safely. At 4pm we have a vinyasa flow/hatha class and we end the day off learning how to chant. I have to say by 6.30pm our mind is more on what to eat next rather than devotional chanting but it is very enjoyable once we get started.

I am already feeling the benefits after 5 days, I am becoming more flexible, stronger and I am needing less sleep. I have been waking up at 4.30 every morning and watching the sunrise over the mountains wrapped up in my new warm Tibetan shawl. Surprisingly I don’t feel too tired, I think all the pranyama and yoga is having its effect on me!

Mcleod Ganj is a breath of fresh air, literally. I love it here! From my room I am surrounded by mountains and in the distance I can see the snow capped Himalaya’s. The air is warm when the sun shines but not so warm to make you sweat. It’s really like UK weather, aside from the insane thunder storms where you feel like you are actually in the thunder cloud. Lightening hits all around you and the thunder rolls through your mind.

Every day I watch the Tibetan monks winding their way down the hill side pathways to the temple, donkeys carrying their loads, goats on their way somewhere, eagles flying in the sky at my eye line and thousands of white butterflies rising from the valley. It’s so beautiful it’s untrue.

When I first got here I felt very run down, I think it was the change in temperature (I was in 40 degree plus heat before) and also a reaction to the peanut episode the week before. My intention of being healthy has helped me through though. I have been eating lots of fresg veg, drinking hot lemon and ginger and taking Ayurvedic health supplements for colds. It seems to have worked as my energy is back now in full force, of course the yoga will have had a big impact too.

I have also just discovered a new type of herbal tea that sounds amazing, Tulsi tea. According to the leaflet that comes with it (I have bought some to make in my room) it reduces stress, enhances stamina, relieves inflammation, lowers cholesterol, eliminates toxins, improves digestion, prevents gasteric ulcers, lowers fevers, improves digestion, supports the heart, regulates blood pressure and blood sugar, supports the liver and provides a rich source of antioxidents! Maybe it should be called Power Tea!

I have another new exciting development, I have booked to do my first level of Reiki. Reiki is a healing technique that works with the 7 chakras, energy points, through out the body. The course will also include how to use the healing properties of crystals. I have been interested in crystals for years but have become even more drawn to them since being out here. I have discovered a fantastic crystal shop here, it is full of raw crystals which have been released to the earth’s surface from the Himalaya’s to be used for healing. Often people will go in and cut off crystals to sell but those kind of stones are not as powerful. Just standing in the shop you can feel the calm but energizing energy from them.

So that is me for now! As you can probably tell I am absolutely loving being in McLeod Ganj. It feels like you are in Tibet as it is where the Dali Lama resides and all the Tibetans who have escaped across the border from China. I went to the Tibetan Museum today and learnt about the atrocities that China has been carrying out in Tibet. It is shocking that they are allowing to take over the country for themselves and suppress these lovely gentle people from living their lives how they wish.

Until next week! Namaste! xx

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